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  1. Isthisawalrus


    Oh, wow! Thank you very much! Just so you know, I do intend on adding a lot more to this WAD - in fact, I've uploaded version, which replaces "the dreaded D_RUNNIN" with an 8 bit version of a much more famous song :)
  2. Isthisawalrus


    That's kind of what I was aiming for with the map - I guess I aimed too low. By the way, I've managed to implement all of your suggestions to version I think I deleted the files. Sorry :(
  3. Isthisawalrus


    I've just uploaded a version, which should both double MAP01's length and add a new section to it.
  4. Isthisawalrus


    This is a one-level DOOM 2 PWAD made by myself for the GZDoom port. It's pretty short, just to give you guys a heads up. I plan on adding some stuff to it soon, so stay tuned for updates. Download (v0.0.1, 10.7 KB): https://www.dropbox.com/s/h6rccz1owpnu1fy/conquest.wad?dl=1 Download (v0.0.1.1, 14.3 KB): https://www.dropbox.com/s/17tafpkttp1lw8f/conquest.wad?dl=1 Some screenshots (for v0.0.1):
  5. Isthisawalrus

    Prime DOOM

    I've finished the first map of Prime DOOM 1. If anyone would like to playtest it, just PM me. As for the second map, here's a little sneak peek (even though it is far from done):
  6. Isthisawalrus

    Prime DOOM

    Here's some screenshots of MAP01 for Prime DOOM 1:
  7. Isthisawalrus

    What are you playing now?

    I'm playing DOOM 2 (the farthest I've gotten is MAP06). I know, I know - I'm making PWADs for DOOM 2 when I haven't even completed the vanilla game.
  8. Isthisawalrus

    Prime DOOM

    Thank you very much! I decided that I would implement (most of) your suggestions into the WAD, which I just finished uploading onto dropbox. The only suggestion I didn't completely implement were the door indentations, which I will make sure to do in the next installments. Also, the skybox looks fine for me on GZDoom; I may or may not have fixed it, though.
  9. Isthisawalrus

    Prime DOOM

    How is it "raw"? Do the textures look too bland?
  10. Isthisawalrus

    Prime DOOM

    Prime DOOM is a PWAD series for GZDoom I've been working on in which each installment has a number of level corresponding to its prime number. That is, the 0th WAD will have only one level; the 1st WAD will have two levels, the 2nd WAD will have three, the 3rd WAD will have five, the 4th will have seven, the 5th eleven, and so on, in the order of the prime numbers. Here is a download link to the zeroth installment of Prime DOOM (don't count it as canon, though :P): https://www.dropbox.com/s/kmyc9v5s88bvtgy/zero.wad?dl=1 And here is a video walkthrough of said level on the "Ultra Violence" difficulty: I know it's not much, but I hope you like it. NOTE: I do plan on making the levels of Prime DOOM similar in nature to that of vanilla; that being said, I haven't even finished the first level of Prime Doom 1! But I do plan on finishing it soonTM.
  11. Isthisawalrus

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Playthrough of Prime DOOM 0, the first in a series I'm making:
  12. Isthisawalrus

    Made a 90s FPS Discord Server

    Well, I've created a new server for anyone who misses the old one: https://discord.gg/XTKT8Jf Hopefully this one will last.
  13. Isthisawalrus

    Made a 90s FPS Discord Server

    It was the same with this for a little bit. As a matter of fact, there's only about five people in the server.
  14. This Discord server I made isn't just for DOOM/DOOM2, but for all 90s FPS games! The ultimate goal of this server is to unite the old-school 90s FPS gaming community. Hopefully you'll like it there! Link to the server: https://discord.gg/XTKT8Jf
  15. Isthisawalrus

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I recorded this at least five times before this version, and I died in every one of them.