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  1. Well I mean if the stats weren't there that would be amazing imo
  2. I'm definitely not as skilled as anyone here but yeah here's my stuff. They are still a WIP as you will probably be able to tell.
  3. Looks like I'm a bit late to the party but oh am I gonna try to contribute.
  4. So as I'm guessing most to all of you know, Doom 64 is a thing, and as the name implies it was on the N64, personally I really enjoyed that game but sadly Doom never came back to Nintendo consoles ( I get those consoles cause Zelda, Metroid, and all that good stuff ) But wouldn't it be great if the new Doom came to the Nintendo Switch? I mean then you could take it anywhere ( Go me for bringing up the main selling point of the console besides "Hey guys new zelda" ) You guys think that the switch could actually handle and run Doom well?
  5. Sadly, I was not alive when the original Dooms came out, but when I was little my dad and I went and picked a computer out for the first time, he bought Doom 3 and I sneaked my way into the room to watch him. Eventually around like 6-7th grade when I got my laptop I stole the thing and finally got to play through it after playing the original on IOS. E1M4 was the map that always stuck out to me playing it on IOS, loved the music, loved the design, though playing it on IOS wasn't nearly as good as on the computer...I then proceeded to buy every version of Doom I could find and run
  6. Why not just throw em all together? Seems like it would be really interesting to see.