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File Reviews posted by StormCatcher.77

  1. Extreme Terror


    Really enjoyable and well designed techbase map.


    The overall atmosphere made me remember Doom 64, or Unreal, especially thanks to the work with color lighting and good sounding music. The gameplay seemed difficult on UV at the very beginning, because of the abundance of hitscanners, which could very effectively control the space of the map. At the moment, when player get super shotgun, all thing come easy, but the gameplay still holds in suspense, because opponents attack unexpectedly. A great challenge for an experienced player.


    I'm glad to found another good map to place it in my collection.


  2. Pretty enjoyable map, besides volume of background music. I'm just turned it off and stalk through map in silence, hunting on enemies that waited for me behind each corner. For vanilla-compatible map its very big and complex in structure. Map brings a good survival challenge for player by lack of medikits, forcing to play carefully and without haste.


    I remember that i seen boxes with rockets, but not the Rockerlauncher itself. Its strange, but not breaks gameplay.


    Overall, its a good example of vanilla gameplay and design.

  3. Sprawlbase


    A large, but not very prolong map, which is interesting to explore. I liked the author's strategy to place strong weapons in well-protected places. To get them the player need to pass a kind of test. The difficulty depends on the player's luck. It is important not to miss the shotgun at the very beginning, otherwise entangled corridors can lead the player to a situation in which he will be easy prey, left without ammo. Visually, the map looks neat, another good example of using standard textures.

  4. Lunatic


    This project remembered to me by a simple and at the same time very impressive architecture, which hides a well-thought-out layout, giving excellent expirience from the gameplay. I was play most of the maps running through the locations from cover to cover, leaving behind the fighting monsters. New opponents here perfectly complement the classic and they are good to create problems. These maps give a very dynamic and at the same time free gameplay, which can be called exemplary. Even the last map, with a high count of enemies, is flown in the same breath. Thanks to the good tracks, which give a vigorous rhythm to the gameplay, this whole not-so-big project gives a bunch of positive impressions that you cannot collect in many “full-sized” megawads. 5/5 in my collection. I think in the near future I will dig deeper into other Skillsaw's works.

  5. Hypertek


    The visuals of the map is rich in details, but they look somewhat erratic and do not form a solid style. Although, some of the author's decisions looks new for me. If you be careful enough, then this map may well bring positive impressions of the gameplay. Lock a player in a narrow space with strong opponents is controversial idea, but an experienced player can get good trial from fights by finding a winning strategy. In general, the map does not leave the desire to go through it again. I recommend this map for seekers of hard and challengind gameplay.

  6. A qualitative map for survival. The author perfectly worked on the graphics. For its time, the map looks great. Just behind every corner, waiting for a player, are hiding a large groups of opponents, very effective in the narrow spaces of this big laboratory. The map should be carefully explored in order not to miss the weapons and keys that are in non-obvious places. Time to time we have to leave some monsters wandering in a corridors, so as not to waste ammunition. The situation changes slightly only when player's finds a berserk-pack.


    In general, the gameplay is hard, but leaves a good impression.


  7. Good map with strong Evilution feeling. Gameplay in water channels is slightly boring because here is alot of berserk-fights with hellknights, but it's not spoils the overall impressions.

  8. Waterworks


    I think, for 1996 this map is very stunning... Moment with camera monitor been much memorable. In overall sence, design is simple, but in some places author give more advance to details. I like gameplay without big difficulties, and secrets, that's easy to find. For me is strongest standalone map of 1996 that i know.

  9. Extinguished


    A map with well-designed sector-specific lighting. Skillful play of light and shadow highlights this map against the background of many others that are created in standard textures. More than visually, the map is captured by a difficult gameplay. Very often the player is locked in a tight space with the company of dangerous opponents. With the deficit of the place for maneuver, it is necessary to show wonders of stamina to survive. This is especially characteristic in the hall with a yellow key, where the barrage of the mancubuses fire does not put much chances for survival. On the whole, close corridors are very interesting to explore, but here one must be on the alert all the time.


    Great map. I was save it in my collection:


    Blue_4-5.png - Visuals (4 / 5)
    Blue_3-5.png - Detailing (3 / 5)
    Blue_3-5.png - Gameplay (3 / 5)
    Blue_3-5.png - Atmosphere (3 / 5)
    Orange_4-5.png - Difficulty (4 / 5)


    Green_3-5.png - In my collection (3 / 5)
    Green_4-5.png - For community (4 / 5)

  10. Good work. The gameplay is not very difficult if player do not hurry too much (like me). The map does not limit the player in the maneuver space, allowing him to move around the level quickly. At the time of mass spawning opponents, it is convenient to take them off. Many monsters can simply be left to wander in the base's corridors ... and then accidentally stumble upon them (but it's even more fun). The level is not overloaded with details, but it can not be called empty. In my senses, it is somewhat reminiscent of Q2. Despite the presence of external textures, the classical make 75% of the atmosphere.


    If you look at the structure of this map, the look is sharpened on the repeating elements of the geometry. They look quite organic, but it would be worthwhile to make different locations less similar to each other (I give this advice also to myself :3 ...). Since the level consists of similar elements in it, it is difficult to navigate visually. I often have to look at the map.


    Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  First Demo Attempt - GZDoom 3.2.0, 28 mins


    In my collection:


    Blue_3_5.png - Visuals (3 / 5)
    Blue_4_5.png - Detailing (4 / 5)
    Blue_3_5.png - Gameplay (3 / 5)
    Blue_4_5.png - Atmosphere (4 / 5)
    Orange_3_5.png - Difficulty (3 / 5)


    Green_4_5.png - Overall Rating (4 / 5)

  11. The passage of this map was for me a real test of strength. 2.5 hours of continuous gameplay - not a joke. Although if I so often did not stray because of inattention, it would be possible to drop 40 minutes, probably. In general, the impression is good. There are no details in architecture, but the very monumentality of the locations, the complexity of the level structure and the total amount of work (4 years, wow!) instills respect for the author. Locations are large and harmoniously pass into each other, forming one of the most intricate labyrinths in my memory. It was very difficult for me to understand how to take the blue key. I remember ... no I do not remember how I took it ... it's just something ... :D The problem is that the map locations are rather empty, and the gameplay is monotonous and not difficult (which did not stop me a couple of times to be killed ...) . I remember that I got into a few classic traps, but that's all. Visual techniques that the author uses are well known and time-tested. Standard textures are applied competently, the samples from the first part of Doom complement them well. The battles are pretty straightforward. In researching a huge (incredibly huge) base, we most often encounter groups of zombies, and they are often scattered over long distances and cause a lot of problems in the open area. While the player did not find the chaingun, you have to hide and shoot with a pistol. The author did not confine himself to the "technobase" theme alone. We have to go to hell again, and then come back. The map's locations do not resemble each other, so the map does not get bored to the very end. The number of secrets is amazing. At the first passage I found quite a bit, but really ... I'm not going to soon return to this base ...


    I recommend to everyone who likes long research expeditions to the abandoned UAC bases.


    Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0, 02:25 h


    In my collection:


    Blue_3_5.png - Visuals (3 / 5)
    Blue_3_5.png - Detailing (3 / 5)
    Blue_3_5.png - Gameplay (3 / 5)
    Blue_3_5.png - Atmosphere (3 / 5)
    Orange_3_5.png - Difficulty (3 / 5)


    Green_3_5.png - Overall Rating (3 / 5)

  12. Tlacopan


    The map tests the player for strength and express the spirit of Plutonia. Gameplay requires accuracy and readiness for unexpectedness. Visual style is only classic.