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Posts posted by StormCatcher.77

  1. 4 hours ago, CBM said:

    have you tried just using a voxel and then rotate that?

    I've never tried using voxels at all. And I don't even know how they work, but it seems worth paying attention to them ...
    Same with the Bridge thing. Sound like an idea. Someday I'll try.

  2. 4 hours ago, CBM said:

    or are you using 3d models or some third option?

    Yes. In this case I use polyobject + 3D floor, providing a collision.
    Rotating platform itself is made by the 3D model synchronized with polyobject movement by a script.
    Alas, the platform "slips" under the player and I don't know how to fix it yet.

  3. Talking about 3D polyobjects... and their imitation. I have long forgotten to publish one thing that I did back in April for the Tarsman's mapping contest. Map could not be completed, alas, so this idea will most likely go to Elementalism. Just wondering, has anyone done something like this on GZDoom before?


  4. 4 hours ago, MattFright said:

    are those railings models? 

    Yes, these are models, moreover, not a monolithic model, but a construction of segments. It is enough dreary to adjust the tilt angles, keep in mind the vertical distortion and the heights difference in sectors under the models ... Difficult, but the result looks good. So far I have not observed any performance drawdowns from using models, this is good news.

  5. Congratulations on the release! I did not mention myself here in any way, but I also planned to participate. Alas, this is another cool project that I missed out on this year. In any case, I watched its progressing with interest and had a lot of pleasure playing these maps. Plus, I've discovered a lot of new talented names. Really hope to see continuation of RAMP someday, and maybe I'll lucky to be part of the project next time.

  6. 4 hours ago, INfront95 said:

    I am intrested in how you did it...

    Initially, there are very few 3D floors on the map, and the general shape was created using several tiers of sector portals (Action 57: Sector Set Portal). This screenshot shows an early map version, with an unfinished rebuild (I changed it a lot to improve optimization). 5 fps, yes this is already a legend, but keep in mind that I made this map on my old PC with a very weak CPU (on modern machines fps is much better).


    4 hours ago, bLOCKbOYgAMES said:

    Yeah so when I am incredibly rich and famous, could you come and design my house?

    I haven’t figured out what to answer... But that sounds great xD

  7. The new update is ready:

    - added a jumppad at the end, which allows you not to go back through the whole map if you missed last rune
    - fixed broken light on torches
    - overall map brightness is increased
    - fixed graphical artifacts with polyobject at top and wells
    - now falling into a big hole in the lower tier of map center is guaranteed to teleport player to surface
    - fixed missing textures and misaligments
    - added sound of rune pick up

    The map has also recently been spotted by Jimmy on his stream.
    Most of the fixes are based on his feedback: