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  1. Its interesting that your latest maps are called "Time Parallax". Are you making separate series for "Time Parallax" and "Cursed realms"? Why did you decide to call them like that? Or you just that they sound cool and made up "Time Parallax" because you are bored of calling them "Cursed realms" :P ?

    1. StormCatcher.77


      Yes, it's kind of a series. But the maps in them are not related to the plot or technically pass into each other. They are just very conditional (very, very ...) sorted by style. For example:

      Cursed Realms - is medieval, like Heretic or partially Quake.
      Corrupted By Chaos - captured and destroyed technobases.
      Time Parallax - pseudo-historical locations, like the style of ancient Egypt, or a fictional civilization.
      Infraworld - otherworldly dimensions, where the laws of physics are violated, and matter is distorted in a bizarre way (for example, hell from Doom 3)

      I have ideas to create maps in different genres and they will have their own special names in the future. Although the line between them can be very conditional, it seems to me, this makes it clear to the player what atmosphere he will get. And, yes, I think it looks cool. :P

    2. Catpho


      Thanks for your detailed explanation! Love to see more maps from you(especially the infraworld ones) :)

    3. StormCatcher.77


      I want to start the Infraworld series as a shelter for abstract maps. Maybe something in the style of "Swim with Whales" or the recent "Breathless". I was planning a map for the project SlaughterMAX in this style, but did not have time. All the ideas connected with the map have not left my head until now ... Well, someday ...

      Thank you for being interested! I'm very glad that you like my "crafts". I hope I will not disappoint you in the future.