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  1. Looking to play and record your maps

    I want to mention a few more of my works: Complex 502. Arrival - My very first map from 2015. Recently I made a couple of decorative edits. It is a technobase in the mountains. Duration about 30-40 minutes. Was done for ZDoom, only by stock Doom 2 resources. Cursed Realms - Path Over The Abyss - Work for Vinesauce Mapping Contest 2016. The first version, got on the stream was very buggy. The final is completely passable. It is important to remember that here it is necessary to save literally every bullet. Duration about 25-30 minutes. Only GZDoom. Cursed Realms - Fiery Monkey Arena - A small map for DMP2016 (about 15 minutes). Only GZDoom. Again, here is many switches. The way to the player in some places will block the barriers from the symbols on the floor, which are disabled in one way or another. To complete the level, you will need to find two yellow keys. And again - you need to save your ammo. Time Parallax - Fiery Rooster Arena - Map for DMP2017. A mid-sized map for GZDoom in the fusion of the ruins of ancient civilizations. Here you need to find three yellow keys that can be collected in any order, by exploring the level. Duration about 25-30 minutes.
  2. Corrupted By Chaos - Object T11

    Game: Doom 2 Port: Boom (GLBoom) Slot: MAP01 After a fairly long period of time, since the project "Aquatex Mapping Expirement" is no longer updated, I decided to release my map standalone. If you have not followed the development of the project and are not yet familiar with this map, please try it. Working on this map in 2016 was remembered to me simply by a huge number of bugs and flaws. Even now, before this release, I found and correct a considerable number of them. If you did not pass this map before, then you know that it quite long (about 40 minutes). I should note that some parts of the map look too dark in the software render. Almost the entire period of development, I tested it in GLBoom and did lighting, looking good in GL. In this version, all textures are included in the original WAD. Also, the map slot is changed to 01. Jumping and crouching are disabled. Do not forget to save ammo and carefully explore the map. Good luck! Mediafire 1 MB, ZIP
  3. Abandoned Community Projects

    I'm wondering, how much does history of DoomWorld contain community projects which is not updating anymore and not waiting for the final release? I ask the veterans of the forum to share information about canceled / abandoned / frozen CP's for the entire duration of the community's existence. How many of them were there? It does not matter what style, size and significance they are. Every is interesting. Especially the oldest abandoned projects (if any). If you know about such projects for Doom in other communities, then it is worth mentioning them too. I will be grateful. I'm interested, because the topics of these projects can contain excellent maps, which are dusting around. It is possible that in exploring the abandoned topics you can discover for yourself a very worthy work, never published standalone. Even if not ... still interesting. The status of the project is also not principled. It can be abandoned completely or temporarily suspended, or it is uncertain. It is worth making this topic, something like a hub. I will add in the title of the topic links to the projects that you mention. Now this is a place, where the dead CP's dwells... [2017] Community Co-op Map Project, UAC-Janitor (uncertain) [2017] Doom 3: Depths of Evil, Rifle Infantry (abandoned) [2017] Going Nowhere Fast, joe-ilya (abandoned) [2017] Plain ol' Doom 2 Community Mapping Project, Seidolon (uncertain) [2017] Testament of Einstein, General Rainbow Bacon (abandoned) [2016] Aquatex Mapping Experiment, Voros (abandoned) [2016] Doomworld Roulette: Session 3, Alfonzo (abandoned) [2016] Doomsday, Frisky (abandoned) [2016] Dwango single player transformation community project, joe-ilya (abandoned) [2016] Into the Void, Obsidian (abandoned) [2016] R.R.R: Raiding Romeros Recycle, demo_the_man (abandoned) [2016] To Be Continued, franckFRAG (abandoned) [2015] Castle Dasböurg, Gustavo6046 (abandoned) [2015] Hexen community project, Cire (abandoned) [2015] Donnybrooking - An Icarus Tribute WAD, Jaws In Space (cancelled) [2015] Let's host a unique community project!!!, sesalpinogamer (abandoned) [2015] Megawad in a Month, Beed28 (abandoned) [2015] Much Obliged, Boingo (abandoned) [2015] The Phobos Simulation, LanHikariDS (abandoned) [2014] A ranDOOM community project, joe-ilya (abandoned) [2014] TNT: Project Geryon, mrthejoshmon (abandoned) [2013] Cyberdreams 2, Fellowzdoomer (abandoned) [2013] Thy PrBoom Maps, mrthejoshmon (abandoned) [2013] Doomworld Team Map Making Project, Townsend (abandoned) [2012] 100 Hands, General Rainbow Bacon (abandoned) [2012] Doomworld Secret Santa project, Snakes (abandoned)
  4. Corrupted By Chaos - Object T11

    @antares031 Thanks for the demo! I never record long maps in Boom, due to the fact that I die too often. You have a really good skill. I'm glad to know that you like my architecture. I must admit that the lighting here has failed, and everything is ruining in a software mode. This map was remembered to me simply by the huge number of places where the player could get stuck. I was completely sure that they were no more ... and now this. You were almost at the very end. Now have been corrected "flying" health bonuses, few wrong textures, and elevator, near which you are stuck. Link is updated. Try running the map in OpenGL. During its development, I always played under the GL and did not suspect that the lighting in the software is darker. And yes, it is right to raise the gamma. The fact is that the standard gamma for me is too uncomfortable. I always increase the it by 25-30%, so that my eyes do not bleed. ;] I suspect, that's why many people think my maps are too dark...
  5. Corrupted By Chaos - Object T11

    Walter, thanks for respond! I accidentaly broke the sky in G\ZDoom. Now it is fixed. Please, download wad again.
  6. Abandoned Community Projects

    I did not think there were many of them ... Thank you all for responding. By the way, Texture Extravaganza still in the ranks. I spoke with bzzrak, and he confirmed that the project is under construction. What status of Cereal Killer for example?
  7. Looking to play and record your maps

    @xvertigox Today, I released to float freely my map of 2016, which I did for a non-completed CP. Fixed many critical bugs. Download link in this thread. The map is quite long, with difficult gameplay. In order not to remain without ammo, it should be carefully explored. Here is alot of swithees too, but what they open, usually is near. Exactly, you'll not have to run to other side of map... ;]
  8. Looking to play and record your maps

    @xvertigox Excellent game! Even I did not play so well when testing. Apparently, the map came out not so bad, although it's clearly not my best gameplay experiment. Yes, I forgot to mention that the map was designed for Boom, the jumping and mouselook were not allowed for it. The moment at 08:20 was not taken into account. This place should open later. As you can see, on your video, it did not break the gameplay. Glitch with one of the marks I was just surprised ... Now there is an excuse to fix all these bugs. I have a couple more maps. When I correct for them already known bugs, I will offer them to you for play, if interesting.
  9. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I always credit people who creating any stuff for community. I don't like feeling what i'll can't get any data about ***this cool midi, texture, model, etc...*** in another good looking map. Don't want to bring this feeling to someone.
  10. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Dragonfly Ok, great stuff... but now i need to store these skies in my resource registry. How i must name it? Dragonfly's Sky Pack #[random(0, 999);] or how?
  11. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    ^ This is GODLIKE!
  12. GZDoom Builder No Highlight in Visual Mode

    You may enable\disable surface highlighting by pressing "H". Maybe you press it accidentally? It's true for all versions. I use GZDB (Bugfix) R3002.
  13. What are you listening to?

    There are, sometimes you find tracks, which after the first listening fall into the soul. The feeling is as if you find something that has long been desperate to find. Even listening to the rubble of something similar, I did not hear a composition that would bring to me similar feelings like this: The lyrics are rather strange (quite typical of the genre). Most importantly, it does not interfere with perceiving music, although I also like vocals. When I first heard this track, I probably listened to it for about 40 minutes without stopping. It is a pity that there is no instrumental version.
  14. Doom 3: Primary Excavation Site (BETA)

    The feeling of passing really makes one remember about Doom 3. Here, as in the original, the gameplay is more focused on the player's survival. The background track is good choose. Texturing is excellent, everything looks organic. The difficulty is high, but not prohibitive. Although, I do not know if I could have passed the map, if I did not come across secret areas. Pretty much forced to fidget groups from the Barons of hell, with the support of Arh-vile. The balance is clearly not in favor of the player, which makes the map a good test. Trying to record a demo on GZDoom 3.2.5, I ran into an annoying bug when after loading (I was eaten by a demon in the first corridor) the screen started to flicker black, then only skybox was rendered ... In general, it became impossible to play. I rolled out GZDoom to version 3.2.0 and recorded a demo in it without problems. I remember the secret with berserk-pak, which, after opening a false wall, can not be taken. So it's planned? I also remember how, after picking up the yellow key, the rock massifs near this place began to flicker and disappeared. Also, I noticed graphical artifacts in the form of black triangles in the pillars of the sanctuary, where the red key. All this is in the demo. I also want to note that the map does not have enough dynamic lighting. Very not enough. The main part of the base where the action begins is almost devoid of light sources, but even couple of lights could diversify a such darkness. If all the lighting was done only on a dynamic basis, then this would give the map +9000 in the visual plan. In general, keep it up! First Demo Attempt - GZDoom 3.2.0 In my collection: - Visuals (4 / 5) - Detailing (3 / 5) - Gameplay (3 / 5) - Atmosphere (4 / 5) - Difficulty (4 / 5) - Overall Rating (4 / 5)
  15. What are you listening to?

  16. Your "dream" project that you've abandoned

    For me, this project became Complex 502 - Descent. This is my second map, the development of which I started immediately after Arrival. The first was in Doom format, I started a new one in Boom to try its features. Even when a significant part of the geometry was made, I decided to translate the project into GZDoom. First in Hexen format, then, (when its limits are exhausted) in UDMF. Launch very slowly, without any plan. In fact, this is a set of several maps stock that glued together. This project is a sandbox in which I studied and honed my first mapping and scripting skills. I was inspired by dobu gabu maru and Mechadon maps, and I wanted to make the project completely on standard textures. An original test for himself. The project had to be abandoned, because it took a very long time, and I was attracted to participating in community projects. At the moment the map is divided into 2 parts, which I could not glue together due to the fact that GZDB crahses, when I try to do it. The map contains a lot of mistakes that any newbie mapper makes, but here they are still multiplied by a monstrous volume - 26557 sectors (10179 one part and 16378 second). The map is not as big as it seems (it's planned to play 1.5 hours of gameplay). This volume of the project gives an abundance of all the tables\chairs from the 3D-floors, copypasted everywhere ... At the moment the project seems to me very contradictory. He don't looks like that "cool" as I wanted, and every time I come back to this I find myself thinking that many things need to be remade from scratch. This applies to places where FPS sags to 5-10, as well as all dynamic lighting globally. Each time, assessing the scope of work, I have no mood to continue developing ... If I do finish it, then I'll have to divide this map into 2 ... By the way, the first piece of the level is ready. It's made the gameplay (about 30-40 minutes). I sent it for evaluation to several people, but I did not want to make a preliminary alpha release for everyone, so that people would appreciate the entire map. Now I'm interested in your opinion. Does it cost to standalone release a piece of unfinished map? Also, one unnamed map that I was developing for DMP2016 but not finish it to deadline and abandoned too:
  17. What are you listening to?

    For the first time I listened to Vitalism a couple of years ago. Bipolarity is their coolest composition. I have not looked in here for a long time. Recently I discovered:

    My submission: I called it "Time Parallax - The Burial Vault" For some reason in GZDoom, terrains + dynamic lights = D: (see floor)

    @dobu gabu maru As always, giant, detailing and very promising stuff! I recently got acquainted with your work in DMP2015. Probably the most original slaughtermap that i can go through without even shooting ... I hope Joel will not suffer so much? :D

    5 hours 30 mins near deadline... I'm submit my map. Unbelieveble... These were crazy days. I hope gameplay will not be as bad as last time. Working on the verge of strength, all the same found the time to finish the map. I wish everyone good luck! Now I can peacefully go to sleep ...

    For some reason, this happens if one of the two portal sectors is in certain coordinates. If you move it to any other location, GZDoom is stable. Although, I do not know. I did not do a ful map testing. Unfortunately, I did not save the bug-report. Perhaps, a backup copy of the map will be useful later.

    Holy God... My map crashed GZDoom with "Cannot realloc 900000000000000 bytes" or something. I don't know that is generates this...

    For now my map on 75% is untextured and i have only 21 hours to complete all... Well, everything is solved today.

    Several screenshots of the work done: At the moment, only geometry is ready (95%). I only have a couple of days to make the gameplay and texturing ... It will be difficult. It is very likely that the map will remain out of contest. Well, or I'll submit it in this form, with temporary textures ...
  25. Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    This project is designed to inspire the largest possible number of mappers to share their creativity. Each participant can create a map for the project and publish it here before December 31, 2017. Maps with any theme, size, quality and gameplay will be acceptible. You may be an experienced mapper or a novice, no one will be rejected. After the deadline all maps will be compiled in one or more wads and published on /idgames archive. I express my gratitude to @scifista42, for help in making the rules, to @CWolf for superb TITLEPIC we have in project, and to @Voltcom9 for conception of the hub-map and alot help with graphics... and to all who participate in this! DoomWorld Archive - Final, 33 MB, ZIP (83 MB unarchived) (changes) Mediafire - Beta 2, 33 MB, ZIP (83 MB unarchived) (changes) Mediafire - Beta 1, 27 MB, 7Z (81 MB unarchived) Anyone can join, anytime before the deadline. Deadline is 2017.12.31 No quality control, but maps must at least be playable and exitable, and abusive / malicious maps would be rejected. Each participant can create only one map in the project. Maps must be playable with Doom 2 IWAD. Any map format is allowed. New music is allowed (except MP3, OGG). New textures and flats are allowed. You need include them in your wad and rename with a 3 character prefix from your nick-name. Example: S77xxxxx. Do not leave in your map unused textures. DECORATE is allowed for new things only. Give them also the 3-character prefix. Resource size limit: 1 MB Liquid falls textures from Community Chest 4 used in project as standard. cc4falls.zip Published map requires the description of the following items: Don't use the MAP07 or MAP30 slots for your map and don't use secret exit line actions. Don't replace original resources from doom2.wad Sky textures must not replace SKY1 or RSKY1. No custom skies for vanilla maps, mandatory sky transfers for Boom maps and mandatory MAPINFO for ZDoom maps. [ 2017.01.18 ] [ # ] Memfis - Castle of Fun (boom) [ 2017.01.29 ] [ # ] Walter Confalonieri - Valhalla awaits you! (limit-removing) [ 2017.01.31 ] [ # ] Dragonfly - Integrity (gzdoom) [ 2017.02.20 ] [ # ] Carlos Lastra - All Guns Blazing (limit-removing) [ 2017.02.21 ] [ # ] riderr3 - South of Hell (limit-removing) [ 2017.02.22 ] [ # ] Bauul - Spiralunky (limit-removing) [ 2017.02.22 ] [ # ] Forli - System Meltdown (boom) [ 2017.02.23 ] [ # ] Paul Corfiatis - Wrath of The Wingless Pigeon (boom) [ 2017.02.25 ] [ # ] Veinen - Predator (boom) [ 2017.02.27 ] [ # ] Dan Trim - Butcher's Hook (limit-removing) [ 2017.03.07 ] [ # ] Nate River - Wolfenfels (boom) [ 2017.03.14 ] [ # ] Glen Christie - Caustic Canyon (limit-removing) [ 2017.03.19 ] [ # ] Jaxoon R - Hope to God (vanilla) [ 2017.03.19 ] [ # ] The_SloVinator - Isolation (boom) [ 2017.03.27 ] [ # ] Voltcom9 - The Eldritch Construct (gzdoom) [ 2017.03.30 ] [ # ] Gunsmith - Deviation (gzdoom) [ 2017.04.13 ] [ # ] Scypek2 - Don't touch! (vanilla) [ 2017.04.30 ] [ # ] CrazyDoomguy - Graveyard (boom) [ 2017.05.08 ] [ # ] Ed - Maus Haus (gzdoom) [ 2017.05.23 ] [ # ] A2Rob - Janitor Patrol (boom) [ 2017.06.11 ] [ # ] TreeSquid - Sector 18 (vanilla) [ 2017.06.17 ] [ # ] antares031 - The Kerberos Complex (boom) [ 2017.07.01 ] [ # ] Roofi - Corrupted Industry (vanilla) [ 2017.08.19 ] [ # ] everennui - Red Tempest (gzdoom) [ 2017.08.21 ] [ # ] complexDoomer - COM (boom) [ 2017.08.27 ] [ # ] Philnemba - Starport Anomaly (boom) [ 2017.09.03 ] [ # ] RaphaelMode - GJUNX (zdoom) [ 2017.10.01 ] [ # ] HUNdebLeonidasX - Gun Down the House (boom) [ 2017.10.07 ] [ # ] Michael Jan Krizik - Scythian Opera (boom) [ 2017.10.17 ] [ # ] Oleg "CWolf" Vovk - Wrong Turn (boom) [ 2017.10.23 ] [ # ] Matt "Cannonball" Powell - A keen eye (limit-removing) [ 2017.10.29 ] [ # ] Ninehills42 - Proxima Centauri Lust (boom) [ 2017.11.27 ] [ # ] Marlamir - Welcome to U. A. C. (zdoom) [ 2017.12.03 ] [ # ] Sasha - Stodulki (zdoom) [ 2017.12.03 ] [ # ] DAZZER - The Nephilim II (gzdoom) [ 2017.12.16 ] [ # ] TimeOfDeath - Subtle Shun (vanilla) [ 2017.12.21 ] [ # ] Lorenz0 - Antidote (zdoom) [ 2017.12.22 ] [ # ] marxr - Thy Infernal Castle (zdoom) [ 2017.12.26 ] [ # ] Jjp - Six Tricks (boom) [ 2017.12.27 ] [ # ] Obake - 1000 in less than 10 (boom) [ 2017.12.27 ] [ # ] TheOrganGrinder - Putrid Hollow (limit-removing) [ 2017.12.28 ] [ # ] Scotty - Nazi Revenant Orgy (boom) [ 2017.12.30 ] [ # ] Pegleg - Assault on the Mountain Garrison (vanilla) [ 2017.12.30 ] [ # ] cambreaKer - Cold As Hell (gzdoom) [ 2017.12.31 ] [ # ] dmg_64 - The Wind Guides You (gzdoom) [ 2017.12.31 ] [ # ] Obsidian - Big Flamewar at Little Temple (boom) [ 2017.12.31 ] [ # ] Matt Devlin - Portal Control (vanilla) [ 2017.12.31 ] [ # ] Pinchy - Lava Dome (gzdoom) [ 2017.12.31 ] [ # ] StormCatcher.77 - Time Parallax - Fiery Rooster Arena (gzdoom) [ 2018.01.01 ] [ # ] Spectre01 - Skindustrial Core (Sector 03) (boom) [ 2017.01.02 ] [ # ] bonnie - Sewers (boom) Map list: Doomworld Mega Project 2016 Doomworld Mega Project 2015 Doomworld Mega Project 2014 Doomworld Mega Project 2013 Doomworld Mega Project 2012