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  1. well,good improvements
  2. that's called a jewel now
  3. WHat i have seen is the next Terry WAD will be no more than a pile of shit.FUck you,Terry RETARDS!!!!

    1. Myst.Haruko


      What's happened? You get trolled?

    2. CaptainManiac


      No,i watched the demo of Bloodshedder's Wrath as Aqua reviewed it and it is a pile of shit.More sittier than B4NM.Fucking retards!

    3. CaptainManiac


      and to piss off more they put one of my favuorite metal songs as an OST

    4. rdwpa




      WHat i have seen is the next Terry WAD will be no more than a pile of shit


      A Terry wad will be bad??? Stop the presses!

    5. CaptainManiac


      If according to you textures of shitfall and pissfall are good,i will not make you change your mind

    6. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      Oh look, an advertisement.

    7. CaptainManiac


      this is an anti-ad lol

    8. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      If you say so.

    9. bzzrak


      Here we go again. Maybe I'll get the custom title this time.

    10. Decay


      I think I lost more IQ reading this status than by playing shitty wads.

  4. good work,Aqua,but can you make more pointful jokes?
  5. i will try to start it over when i got time
  6. i dont know
  7. GTA SA i played recently
  8. Unfortunately,due to my laziness and reinstalling of my pc the project is lost.
  9. Archaic is also 2.5D style modeling and that there are no sprites for top and bottom of enemies
  10. well,it is good to be pack of files instead of many files.It makes loading and streaming faster.
  11. The hitscans,why the puffs are not replaces by missiles already?
  12. i always dream about big one-mega-map WAD where the gameplay is absolutely nonlinear and open world and the objectives can be made in any order and has some sort of rpg and crafting system and so much gore in the kills and canibalistic and morbid brutal murder fest.
  13. The sprites still being used,why dont someone implement animation with skeletons already?
  14. no,it is bad thing :(
  15. I am bastard that never learns a thing!Offend me now!