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  1. Well,well,well,i started ruining my school rep.I started using cynisms and break the school law,why?I am pissed off if someone does care

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    2. Fonze


      While some lessons do come across as purely filler, most things are useful. Idk how it is at your high school, but when I was in hs they let us choose our classes for the most part; I was able to take a couple college-level courses and get foreign language req's out of the way so that I didn't have to take them in college. But you'll be surprised as you get older at all the knowledge you learned in school that would be really helpful to know right now if only you hadn't forgotten it.


      Find some form of interest in your studies; it's extremely important and makes life sooo much easier.

    3. CaptainManiac


      I held this belief 10 fucking years,I built rep with scores of 5 and 6 and rarely 3 and 2,but where can I use this?Why wouldn't I destroy everything from 1st grade to now and be happy the heaviness of that is gone?My parents want me to be into high school,i am now in middle school,last weekend i studied 4 fucking History lessons about WW2,one of them wasn't even from the books,i nerdy wikied it.I have been nerd my almost whole life.I know the world is not one-way and want to make sometihng useful,mby the destruction of unusefulness will be useful,i kept this many years,ahh,fucking God,i am interested in Science of course,but why I need to double-note the things i do not remember well,sometimes i tripple-note them and be lifeless nerd?I am now with achievements only in studying and in videogames,the first got too high.If i cannot hold this i will ruin it and deliberately get to wrong way(my potential is overused on something that i see i cannot use in life,but formerly was used there)

    4. CaptainManiac


      I am also sorry for sharing bullshit into this site and for exposing my complexes here :(