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  1. Hm,i wonder if a monster can check if there is a specific inventory item in player's inventory and do stuff if there is the item.For example,we got a police officer monster and if the player has no inventory items of class "wantedlevel" he will ignore the player.Is this possible?

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    2. Albertoni


      Yes, even without ZScript: https://zdoom.org/wiki/A_TakeFromTarget


      Just check if you did get something and give it back, then go into an enraged state or something.

    3. Albertoni
    4. CaptainManiac


      I hear about this feature from the first time.It is even not listed in the wikis.Thank you.I am somehow afraid if WADs with violence leveled to animal's (i mean player to thrill kill and to skin corpses to get something to eat,make medkits and backpacks,etc or upgrade existing ones.It is very violent and controversial,and that police,i imported for civilians those from WW's Diaz WAD and for gore,BD's splats,i need to replace parts or the entire code and where to find some weapons like RPD,Skorpion,P50,grenades and a special knife.