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  1. I made a siple script that if called checks actor's inventory forĀ  items listed in its code and drops them.It is supposed to be called when any actor dies so all his items will be dropped if item is given by a script it would drop.Will it work?


    If(CheckInventory(0,"RedCard")) DropInventory(0,"RedCard); will it apply to any activator no matter if it is the player or,for example zombie with a keycard given to it by a map script?

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    2. CaptainManiac


      Hm,this does nto seem to work with the player actor.Why?I put this void script in a custom player class in the death state.It was supposed when the player dies the regular items he has to be dropped around him.

    3. Dragonfly


      I may be wrong in saying this but perhaps the player is not considered the activator of the script. Try targeting the player via thingID..

    4. CaptainManiac


      i changed the script to enter/death and it still does not work.These activations are supposed to work for any single actor,but didn't,before that i tried to make a player class with custom death state,but the newest gzdoom didn't recognise it