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  1. Hi, I haven't posted here anything for a long time and I see there are tons of map projects who are worth playing. Well i don't know what to give you because most of the projects of mine ended up a big waste of time.

  2. CaptainManiac

    Making add-ons for existing mods.

    No, if you make a class that inherits from the player classes it inherits all the stats the ancestor class had. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_inheritance this will help you a lot
  3. CaptainManiac

    Prison Break-Out

    nice map indeed but i thought it will be more than one map
  4. CaptainManiac

    Making add-ons for existing mods.

    i think you should make separate actors and inherit from the main ones then it will be good and also make them replace the main actors. for example: Actor YourMSXAddonActorName: MainMSXActorName replaces MainMSXActorName { YourStuff ValueOfYourStuff ... etc }
  5. CaptainManiac

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    what Time ZOne:CHicago or New York?
  6. CaptainManiac

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Hey,today is September the 1st,where is the fucking goddamn download link
  7. CaptainManiac

    Happy birthday Fonze

    Although it is kinda too late for birthday wishes,Happy Birthday,Fonze,be healthy,happy and make mods like hell
  8. CaptainManiac

    RELAX (Chillax 2) Updates thread

    Ahh shite I am so late and irresponsible
  9. CaptainManiac


    Hi.My name is CaptainManiac and i will present you my second map project.It is called HELL RETURNS FOR LAST TIME! I recently published it in Doomworld forums 2 times,but i am not sure whether it is accepted.It consists of 5 maps only for singleplayer.The Story is:In year of 4599,Earth is a deserted planet,with environment,filled with rocky and deserted areas.Main population consist of marines and soldiers that are off-duty or on a rest. One of them is Pvt.John Keller.This is his story... It has soundtrack with songs from Manowar,Avenged Sevenfold and Godsmack.Unfortunately,one of the songs is unused,but was meant to be played. I hope you will like it.It requires Brutal Doom v20b to play it. In case the map pack(i mentioned it in other topic too) is not accepted i uploaded it to alternative file host Here is the link to the map pack: http://www.mediafire.com/download/36pu5yjvyyv0vca/HRFLT_fixed.zip And here is the link to Brutal Doom v20b: http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/downloads/brutal-doom-v20b-main-file-only Hope you wil lenjoy playing this map pack,rate it fairly and also call me Batman if the concept is bad
  10. CaptainManiac


    Well,sorry for I am replying just now,man,i didn't listen to Disturbed by this time.I also try this map and,it is really hardass
  11. CaptainManiac

    Struggle : Antaresian Legacy (now available in /idgames)

  12. Where is the download link?
  13. Ok,so,I was making that map and when I applied my latest touches the game crashes with 'integer divide by zero' error which means there is a mathematical impossibility.Can someone test it and fix it? Relax_NuclearGrounds.zip
  14. CaptainManiac

    This map makes the game crash with mathematical impossibility

    I think it was the curved lines,I trashed that and started a new map but saved a couple of things from this map
  15. CaptainManiac

    This map makes the game crash with mathematical impossibility

    ok,did it work?
  16. CaptainManiac

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

  17. CaptainManiac

    This map makes the game crash with mathematical impossibility

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/f0x56ryehqe8a35/Chillax2_Resources.pk3 https://realm667.com/index.php/de/texture-stock-mainmenu-152-97360/57-other-sources--styles2/1434-max-payne-textures These resources I use
  18. CaptainManiac

    This map makes the game crash with mathematical impossibility

    Hm,I will send the resources too.i use two resource packs for this map and load it with them and still does it.Does the polygon count also has effect?
  19. CaptainManiac

    This map makes the game crash with mathematical impossibility

    I am using Zandronum 3.0 and i build it in Zandronum UDMF in GZDB
  20. CaptainManiac

    Integer divide by zero crash?WHy?

    So,everything seemed cool when I made series of editions last times I tried to make the environment cooler and It threw me 'integer divide by zero' pile of shit code,and availabulity to send error report.I will compress the video with the problem and attach it here.Everything seemed to be cool even though the resources loaded slowly.Well,I am a drunkard,to drunkards everything seems cool :(. I regret joining the project I was making the adaptation for. My map crashes the game
  21. CaptainManiac

    So,ACS and DIalogue,can they be combined?

    i should open it.It is called Stronghold,well i should open it.In WOlfendoom there were only dialogs and actor controls for objectives but not cutscenes with ACS
  22. so,i jave seen in some mods that you can make cutscenes with combinations of dialogue and ACS,is there really a way to make such synced dialogues and cutscenes?
  23. CaptainManiac

    So,ACS and DIalogue,can they be combined?

    Yes,but in the wiki there is no such thread about this nor are they tutorials
  24. CaptainManiac

    [Beta][WIP]Nuclear Grounds 0.2

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/9y19cb2pnvc5qw9/NuclearGrounds.pk3 Here to download.This prject is in its very early beta and is messy.it is an open world map with new monsters new weapons but a very much of disbalance and needs Godmode to use.still not uploaded to DW.Use gosmode in this version.Much fixes coming soon.Enjoy and tell your opinion.Yes i know i have much stuff to fix,so stay tuned.Yes it is big. Brief concept:A city named COulsboury has good prosperity in its mnuclear technology making a big power central with both nuclear and thermonuclear reactors under and over the ground,everything was fine,until....a terrorist with satanical believes rigged the thermonuclear station and blowed it up.Now the land is radiated almsot everything is mutated,you need to take care of every mutant,find that terrorist or whatever he turned into and kill him and if you can unite with the bandits who survived this disaster.Good luck.Also if you can help me you are welcome.I cannot do everything alone although i started it.Enjoy!