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  1. Ghot

    Question about .deh files

    Well it seems ZDL does handle .deh files. It just took me a while to find it. See the RED dots...
  2. Ghot

    Question about .deh files

    I guess the ZDL folk, should have just made a 3rd panel in their interface for deh files. :)
  3. Ghot

    Question about .deh files

    Ok this is ZDL. It's got a nice,clean simple interface. I have the ZDL folder nested inside the ZDOOM installation directory, and the megawads, inside the ZDL folder. This was done more for me to keep track of everything, as ZDL allows me to set the file path for just about anything. So, I'm assuming I can just call the deh file in the lower left, with the "Extra command line arguments"? Yeah, I think STRAIN actually was pre-2000. It had good reviews, but I wasn't that impressed. Then again, I ran it w/o the deh files. :)
  4. Ghot

    Question about .deh files

    As I understand it, I should see some changes to the DOOM engine itself. The wad that prompted this topic, didn't evidence anything really out of the ordinary. Some other megawads, have changes that are uber-obvious... those I assume have the the deh files embedded. The one that caused me to post, was STRAIN, I believe. I've been looking for megawads sporting 32-ish level, and something non-vanilla. I found one called Epic2 which was obviously NOT vanilla. It had an Egypt theme for approx. 15-16 of the 30 some levels. I kept expecting an Indiana Jones boulder to come rolling out of somewhere, and proceed to crush me. No such luck. But I was impressed with the sounds if nothing else. When big stones in the wad moved, they sounded like big stones moving, etc. The complete mini-map was even a gold parchment instead of the green boxy thing. Anyway... that's why I was curious if there was a simple drag and drop way to add the deh file when using ZDL. /e For example, here is a SS from Epic2. But I'm not even sure if this is an embedded deh file or just some clever work with textures. My guess, is embedded deh file.
  5. Ghot

    Question about .deh files

    Well the wad works, with just adding it to ZDL and launching. But in the .zip file it has a .deh file as well. It has instructions like those mentioned in the 1st reply, but I'd rather just run it thru the launcher ZDL, if possible.
  6. Ghot

    Question about .deh files

    I understand that. But is there a way to just drag and drop a .deh file into ZDL (launcher)?
  7. Ok, I'm using ZDoom and ZDL on Win 7 x64. I've been downloading some of the megawads from Doomworld. Some have .deh files. What are these for? Do I need them? If so, how do I launch them via ZDL? Thx in advance.
  8. Ghot

    Need a front end to handle wads ???

    Well, ended up using ZDL Didn't have instructions with it... so it took a bit to figure it out. Not sure if needed, but I extracted ZDL to a folder, and then put that folder in the ZDoom folder. Then I put the 2 folders DOOM WADS and DOOM 2 WADS in the ZDL folder. Seems to work.
  9. Windows 7 HP x64 Ok, I'm new to this source port thing. I have 3 (paid for) CDs from long ago. They are... Doom II ...(shows up as Doom 95 when installed) The Ultimate Doom ...and the third CD (1600 wads) is shown in the picture below. I'm currently using ZDoom, with the wads: Doom2, Doom, Plutonia, TNT. Everything works fine. What I believe I need is some kind of launcher (front end?), so I can access and play all those other wads on the 3rd CD. I tried just dropping one on the Zdoom.exe, tried dropping one in the ZDoom folder, neither worked. The regular Doom 95 launcher has no trouble "browsing" for wads, but I see no way to do this in ZDoom. So far out of all the source ports, I'm most comfortable with ZDoom, so I'd like to stay with that if possible. Any help for finding a simple way to play all these other wads would be much appreciated. Btw, I have no idea what this DEICE.exe is, but when I try to "run" it... it says not compatible with the version of Windows I'm running... etc.
  10. Ghot

    Joystick is seen by launcher, but...

    UPDATE: Seems there are 3 SDL**** files in CrispyDoom that are very new. THOSE files caused the issue. With assistance from the "bugs" folks, I overwrote them with older versions of the same files from ChocolateDoom. Problem solved. Crispy, now sees my joystick.
  11. Ghot

    Joystick is seen by launcher, but...

    GOG version... Everything worked but the grfx were worse than the original CDs. Same with Chocolate Doom. Crispy Doom was awesome but wouldn't see the joystick, even though Chocolate doom and Windows, would. Zdoom was ... ok, but doesn't seem to have any "easy" way of dealing with "other" wads. That collectors set or w/e it's called that I bought way back when has about 1600 different wads on the 3rd CD. Doom 95 has a great little launcher, that handles them quite nicely. I did try GZdoom but for some reason I got a black screen where I should have had the New Game screen. I'm not asking for someone to write something to make my joystick work on Doom 95... I'm sure it's already been written, long ago. I'm just trying to find it. :) Ok, I ended up going with ZDoom. Can't get Crispy to see the joystick (even after editing the config file). GZDoom still black screen. After only 1/2 hour I got ZDoom configured... at least to the bare minimum. Now I just have to figure out how to deal with 1600 wads in ZDoom.
  12. Ghot

    Joystick is seen by launcher, but...

    I'm getting closer. After the first run of the game, I get this "id" entry in hkey_current_user\software... The two things I changed are: joy_advanced and use_joystick... Oh, and I also assigned joystick buttons to fire, speed, strafe and use. Everything else I can do on the keyboard. Still doesn't work ofc. I also noticed, that before I edited the registry, the neon green things scrolling by real fast right after you click the icon.... one of them said joystick - something. Too fast to read. Anyway, it's been 25 years. someone has got to have made... JUST a .dll or something, that will allow joystick use, w/o changing anything else. I bought these CDs in like 2000-2001, and they are fine for me. I tried chocolate doom, and Zdoom, etc., even GOG version, joystick works on all of them. However, they added way too much junk, that's not needed. Only thing I had to do to get it to run on Win 7 was grab dplay.dll off the CD and drop it in the install folder. Anyway, you can see what the registry changes did.... /edit Also figured out how to edit doomcfg.dll to put the use joystick checkbox back in the Configuration window... but it didn't help. Doom95 itself put all those registry entries in there without my help... right after the first run. I just turned a couple ON, and set the 4 buttons I wanted on the joystick.
  13. Ok... Windows 7 x64. I have 3 CDs (from ID software)... Doom 2, The Ultimate Doom, and the 3rd one has a bazillion wads. I can install the game (it shows up as Doom 95), and it works fine... Windows 7 sees my Microsoft Precision 2 joystick. The launcher sees the joystick in the configure button on the joystick tab. It sees it by name. The problem is that it doesn't show up in the joystick name, drop down box, and I can't assign actions to the 4 spots on the joystick tab. If at all possible I would love to be able to get it to function in the games. On the Configuration windows the 5 RED dots, don't show the joystick or allow changes.