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  1. Quantum Dranger

    Community Chest 64

  2. Quantum Dranger

    Obligatory - 32 Map Community Project

    I'd be happy to reopen it if you still are.
  3. Quantum Dranger

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    That's enough internet for today.
  4. Quantum Dranger

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

    Even though this is a joke, it reminds me of the ever-pressing snapmap question. Will Doom Eternal have mod support or just a level builder mode like snapmap? If it does, we very well might see all the brutal/beautiful/complex/uncut mods appear for it in some form.
  5. Quantum Dranger

    We got the demons!

    I hope they make the hellrazer more dangerous so it can compare with the chaingunner. It was pretty slow with its laser tracking and had a very high recoil from pain in Doom 2016 which made the attack so unthreatening.
  6. Quantum Dranger

    Will there be a new Doom game announced at BE3?

    They might replace gore nests as some king of destrucible that must be destroyed to progress or trigger an event.
  7. *sees thread title* Maybe they liked it a little too much
  8. Quantum Dranger

    Will there be a new Doom game announced at BE3?

    Yeah and new giant worms
  9. Quantum Dranger

    Will there be a new Doom game announced at BE3?

    Between Doom Eternal and Just Cause 4, E3 has made me so fucking hyped! >inb4 imagine if doom and just cause had a baby
  10. Quantum Dranger

    llill.wad - Boom Compatible MAP01 Replacement

    The point isn't to exit. Check the automap and realize what was made 10 years ago :)
  11. Quantum Dranger

    Nova III

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/g967df9f3dzbz13/Nova3.wad MAP30 Rough Draft: hellstorm archons would replace the keens, archon of hell would replace the boss brain and there is also a crusher system (for killing the cyberdemons) which needs to be completed or be replaced with some other kind of hazard (infighting or telefragging).
  12. A very special 10 year anniversary This map ends after the automap is obtained ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ???
  13. Quantum Dranger

    Nova III

    I sent MAP30 to @Obsidian as he was at the time still working on the final bosses. I don’t know if he is still working on the project though.
  14. Quantum Dranger

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Still waiting for the community to splinter and a /doompol/ to be created
  15. Quantum Dranger

    Jim Flynn

    This is sad, the Doom community has lost two great mappers in such quick succession.