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  1. CyberDreams

    Favorite Source Port?

    Do people still not know how to disable mouse acceleration in Windows (also assuming that most people are using Windows)? Although i guess it really depends on which Windows you use as i'm assuming most people are using 10 (i don't know much about 10 as i use 7). But a quick google search should be able to help. Now if it's about mouse accel or mouse options in a specific source port then that's a different story as i too have had trouble finding and understanding all of the options at one time or another. I guess you could just check the wiki for that specific port (if it has one) or ask here. But so far in my (sort of) short time using PrBoom+ and GLBoom+ i haven't had any issues with my mouse sensitivity. Here are my current favorites as well: *PrBoom+/GLBoom+ - I seem to like GLBoom+ a tad better (even though it tends to be darker imo). Both are great for vanilla gameplay and demo playback. Currently using these for main Doom play (Boom/Vanilla) *GZDoom - Great for anything ZDoom based and/or playing Doom w/mods. Currently using the latest vintage build on an older computer that i have. I use it for ZDoom based WADs and the very few times i ever play mods on my main PC (latest modern build). *Chocolate Doom - Pretty much as vanilla as you can get without playing on DOS. I use this occasionally but it does tend to hurt my eyes on a high res monitor. *Crispy Doom - Limit removing port based off of Chocolate Doom. Slightly higher res, has more menu options ect). I use it occasionally.
  2. CyberDreams


    Nice! I have all 3 of them on Xbox 360. Got them for free through the "Games with Gold" program. Haven't played any of them yet. I might just play them on there as i heard they aren't that fast of games anyways so a controller should be fine. Actually, i'll just play them on my Xbone instead since they are backwards compatible and so i don't have to hook up my old ass 360 haha. Sucks about the camera and noise though. If you can't change it on PC then you DEFINITELY can't change it on console. Thanks for the little review ;)
  3. CyberDreams

    What are you listening to?

    I totally agree with you. Some of my favorite versions of songs are the demo versions/session versions. I may still love the studio/album counterparts but after listening to them so many times, i tend to find the demo's more interesting. This isn't as heavy as what people have been posting but i've been listening to a lot of different genres lately; mostly Rock, Grunge (i hate the term Grunge btw) and Metal oriented music with a little bit of old-school Hip-hop thrown in. Here's the classic Korn demo from 1993. There are a few other pre-Korn demo songs with a different singer on vocals but this is actually the band as people know them today (minus the newish drummer). I'm sure most fans have already heard this though. This is the correct speed/pitch version as it does circulate in a slightly faster version which i had and used to listen too xD.
  4. CyberDreams


    I instantly knew what you meant when i clicked on this thread by the word "fart"...i'm not sure if should be proud of that or what.
  5. CyberDreams

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    If this is sarcasm then ignore what i have to say haha! It's hard to tell sometimes (but i'm pretty damn sure this is ;) ). I'm pretty sure he has played it and that is where he chose his name from. He either mentioned it in one of his videos (maybe not exactly a review but another one on his channel such as one of his update videos or something) or he mentioned it in one of the few twitch streams that i managed to catch about a year or so ago. I'm thinking it was the latter as i'm pretty sure someone asked him that question on stream but i guess i could be mistaken as it was quite a while ago and i was tired as hell. I was up for a long time that day and managed to catch about an hour of his stream or so before i finally went to bed around 8 am 'ish. Those time zone differences man...
  6. CyberDreams


    Great song by an awesome band! I saw them live last year in September and it was killer! I was way in the back though but it was still cool. That's the closest i'll ever get to Faith No More and Slayer too unfortunately (unless FNM does some shows in the future, but if they do i'm sure i won't be able to afford it and it'll be sold out). Anyways for Halloween (mainly trick or trick) i'm probably just staying home and handing out candy like usual. Our's is usually in the early afternoon (not very fun i know). It doesn't last long either if i recall (couple of hrs). I'm sure i'll watch a few horror movies this month. I might re-watch the Hellraiser series (well the good movies anyways). Maybe i'll even finally play Doom 2016 if i can get it on sale. Get to fight that "Cybermoose" xD
  7. CyberDreams

    Complete iwad list

    Alright, that makes sense. I was just curious. Thanks for the reply :)
  8. CyberDreams

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    I used to watch his videos a few years ago but i haven't kept up with him lately. I know that he created a few doom WADs though (as someone mentioned above). I should catch up on his videos sometime soon though, as well as Gggmanlives. I just don't play many mods but it's always interesting to see whats out there. I do remember watching a twitch stream of his about a year or so ago and he did talk to me as well as others who were in the chat and overall he seemed quite pleasant. I'd say if you really like to use mods when playing Doom or just want to keep up with whats new, give his videos/reviews a shot. If you don't like 'em then you don't have to watch 'em.
  9. CyberDreams

    Complete iwad list

    When i clicked on this topic i thought it was only going to include Doom IWADs but i guess including everything (Heretic, Strife, ect.) makes sense as well. I also thought that it would list all of the versions of each IWAD. I mean, for it to be a truly "complete list" wouldn't that make more sense? It would be more work though since the list also shows game mod's that are standalone...err i mean IWADs ;) And yes, i know there is a page on the wiki that shows all of the versions of Doom: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Versions_of_Doom_and_Doom_II
  10. CyberDreams

    What are you listening to?

    I have been going through all of my Cannibal Corpse CD's. I don't listen to much "extreme" music but i guess they are the most "brutal" band that i listen too, even though they are really well known and there are heavier forms of music out there today. But i still dig 'em quite a bit. The music starts at around 1:20. It's the "Gallery of Suicide" album from 1998 as that's currently what i'm listening too from CC.
  11. CyberDreams

    Composers Play - "Doom" - Coop with Bobby Prince

    Wow! These videos look great! I'm definitely going to have to watch these. I really haven't played Heretic much besides a little bit of the shareware so that one will be quite interesting for me. But i'm totally psyched to finally get to see Bobby Prince actually play Doom (not to mention hear him discuss the compositions and sounds with you).
  12. CyberDreams

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    This is the first thing i thought of when i saw the title of this thread. I'm pretty sure that most people change some options in their source port of choice & that's typically fine. But i do see your point. Adding free-aim & having jumping/crouching on can break the way older maps play (imo). So i never use it unless it's specified. I do use the added options that add more info to the map such as number of monsters, number of items, ect. though. I tend to prefer to play classic Doom well...classic or vanilla as it's known. I don't care too much for mods. I didn't get to play Doom when it was brand new & extremely popular. So when i do play Doom i actually really enjoy playing it vanilla. I just generally love the way it looks/plays. No jumping/crouching; no crosshair; no mouse-look (aka free-aim), ect. Doom is a simple game to play yet a difficult game to master. But i can totally understand the fact that people do get tired of playing the game the same way & that's where mod's come into play which is totally fine. I'm currently using PrBoom+ & GZDoom 3.5.1 for ZDoom related WADs. I voted for "without mods". Once in a great while i will use some sort of mod (mainly an enhancement such as Smooth Doom) but it has been quite a while since i've used any mod (not to mention it's not really a game changing type of mod) but in general i don't use mods. TL;DR - I play classic Doom without mods
  13. CyberDreams

    If Doom was more popular in the 90's than it was in the real world

    Don't worry. I was only a little kid then. I only know of what happened from reading about it. I didn't really get to experience it first hand. ^Pretty much. Also at crazyflyingdonut, if i came off as a prick i apologize. I didn't mean too. I just re-read what i first posted and it sounded kinda harsh. I guess i was just in a bad mood the other day. I like to read up a lot on Doom's history (the doomwiki is great for that as it has a lot of links to references) so i was just kind of dumbfounded that you could think that Doom could be even more popular than it already was. BUT if you DO want to use your imagination and think of an alternate universe where anything goes, then don't let me stop you ;)
  14. CyberDreams

    If Doom was more popular in the 90's than it was in the real world

    I'm not sure what to think of this thread. Doom was HUGELY popular in the 90's in "our universe" (as you stated). So i really see no reason to think of an "alternate universe" where it became even more successful and where more commercial add-ons were sold (especially fan made ones). Ever hear of TNT: Evilution? When that was sold as a commercial product (instead of being released for free as was originally intended) it caused quite the stir in the Doom community (from what i've read anyways). No one needs to go through that mess again right?
  15. CyberDreams

    Games you wished had one more sequel...?

    Quake 1 Road Rash (i guess that Road Redemption game sort of counts) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - When the PSP was popular i was hoping for a San Andreas Stories, similar to what was done already with Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories but it never came to fruition. I don't count GTA V as a successor to San Andreas. If something like San Andreas Stories would have came out it would most likely have been a prequel like the other "Stories" games were.