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  1. CyberDreams

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    After having played through a series of "1994 WAD's" lately, i needed to play something that would be fresh as well as fun and something that also would help to lift my spirits. So i decided to try this, Eviternity, since it seems to be quite popular. Now i've only played up to Map 03 so far but i have to say...just WOW! It really is extremely fun! Now i'm not really used to playing a lot of newer mapsets so it is quite a challenge for me on UV as i've died quite a few times (especially on map 3) but the deaths didn't seem unfair when i died. The gameplay seems perfectly balanced and you know when you "mess up" so to speak. Not to mention that the maps are just absolutely stunning to look at. The only (ever so slightly) negative thing i can say about them is that in GZDoom (latest version) when using the software renderer with the Vanilla light sector it tends to be a little too dark imo. Other then that i have no other complaints thus far. I'm sure i could change the light sector or switch to the opengl renderer & it would probably be fine. Personally I would of liked to used PrBoom+ but lately i've been having bad screen tearing issues with Pr no matter what i do and i read that the sky's don't work with GLBoom+ so i just decided to use good ole' trustworthy GZDoom instead. I actually only planned on playing one Map yesterday before i went to bed just so i could check it out but i ended up playing to Map 4 haha! That's how much fun i was having! Anyway's I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who worked on this and this definitely should be recommended for a Caco this year imo.
  2. Doom 3: Duct Tape Is Overrated Doom (2016): Where Cybermoose Freely Roam (and yes the plural for "moose" is "moose")
  3. CyberDreams

    Apparently, there won't be a new Duke Nukem game or movie.

    This is true i suppose. I've only played the first remake of Shadow Warrior (it was free on Xbox Live "Games with Gold" and it wasn't actually too hard with a controller imo). It was a decent modernization of Shadow Warrior. Now as for the second one i heard that it has randomly generated level's or something to that extent but i still haven't played it. But i doubt Gearbox would have someone else help them. They'd probably want to do it all by themselves to "make sure that it's the best Duke game ever" or some BS like that. I guess i'd just be happy if Gearbox would just sell the expansions as DLC or something to the World Tour Edition. Or possibly as a separate game, idk. I still don't own them so i'd have to either: A. illegally download them or B. try to find them on ebay/amazon If i'm going to do that then i would want them to be CIB so...yeah that's not going to be cheap. Gearbox would probably have to release another complete version and include everything again and i think that would make the fans happy, but economically there really wouldn't be a point since World Tour isn't that old (not to mention that Eduke32 is an excellent way to play the games anyways). Anyways i went way off track so...sorry about that haha. I just get carried away as i do really like Duke Nukem 3D and obviously Doom as well even though both games play differently.
  4. CyberDreams

    Most recent movie you saw

    Star Trek: First Contact (1996) I really liked it. It was also my first time seeing it. I'd already watched Generations a couple of weeks before so this one was obviously next on my list. I started watching Star Trek in order last year starting with the original series, animated series, Movies (up to VI at that time), TNG, DS9 and now i'm on Voyager. I didn't really watch DS9 and Voyager simultaneously which is how they were originally broadcasted since i think that would of been confusing for me, so i'm just watching them all separately. I'll probably watch Star Trek: Insurrection next if i can find it (it's not on Netflix). So far though my favorite series is a tie between TNG and DS9 although i didn't like the ending of DS9 as i think it was rushed. The OG series isn't bad either imo.
  5. CyberDreams

    Apparently, there won't be a new Duke Nukem game or movie.

    I don't really pay attention to John Cena so i can't say anything good nor bad about him and i guess i could care less if a movie happened (since it would probably suck ass anyways) but i would love a new Duke game. Maybe in the style of how Duke 3D is (wouldn't we all love that). I mean, Sonic Mania turned out to be pretty good so maybe Gearbox could do something "retro" like that, even if they need help from someone else. They technically sort-of did with the new episode in the World Tour release of 3D anyways (although that version of 3D definitely has it's issues). But if they don't, Ion Maiden may actually be the closest thing that us fans ever get to a new Duke game (and i am looking forward to Ion Maiden). But if a new Duke game WERE to happen, i'd like it to be in the style of how Duke 3D was done. Not a modern game as i don't really see that working tbh. Unfortunately i don't really see this happening anytime soon due to what other's have stated: that it's not the 90's anymore and things are way more politically correct now. But i do think that Jon St. John can still do Duke's voice. Hell, if anything LGR (Lazy Game Review's, i think his name is Clint) can do Duke's voice extremely well. I'd hire him in a second if Jon St. John couldn't do it for some reason.
  6. CyberDreams

    What are you listening to?

    Mary Beats Jane - Mary Beats Jane (self titled) from 1994 A Swedish hardcore band that kind of sounds like Pantera at times. I personally like the guitar tones quite a bit. But certain songs have different "sounds". Some tend to be more "metal" than others. Some even sound "grungy". Too bad there aren't any times listed in the video to skim through it. I think the band only made 2 albums before splitting so i don't think they were ever really super popular.
  7. As you & Walter confetti already mentioned the only thing that popped up in my mind was Dr. Sleep's Inferno series. I've played Crossing Acheron (which i liked) and the other levels that were in official products (Doom II Master Levels & The Ultimate Doom) but i've never tried to play them in order. You could try that i suppose (even if you aren't exactly looking for the "Inferno" chapter). Also as mentioned above the last map was supposedly never finished according to the doomwiki so it won't be complete. But if you haven't tried the Dr. Sleep's Inferno series mapset i'd still give it a shot as they are great maps imo.
  8. I do use the like system and i tend to just use it for posts that i agree with and/or really like. I usually tend to just use the regular Supercharge powerup (Soul Sphere) as it's the first one to click on (show's you how lazy i am most of the time haha). I also tend to like posts that are quite old (usually without even realizing it) as i will come across a post that i really like or agree with while i'm randomly browsing the forums, so i'm just going to apologize ahead of time to everybody just in-case some of you end up getting a notification for an older post.
  9. CyberDreams

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for April 2019

    That's exactly what i was thinking and i don't even play DM (although i have recently downloaded Zandronum as well as Dwango5 and played against bots for a few). I would probably have to say that's going to be a no as i think they were a "make to order" production (don't quote me on that though). Although i'm sure a few will pop up on ebay/amazon for an insane amount of money as things like this tend to do sadly. (i would of personally loved to have boughten one as well) About the delay...i wonder if its because they have more orders to fill then they initially intended? Maybe they didn't expect a lot of people to buy a boxset that costs $166.00 (although there is a lower cost variant so my thinking is flawed). It is a shame though and i just hope that everyone who purchased either box actually receives them at some point in time (hopefully April as the company is stating).
  10. CyberDreams

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for April 2019

    Awesome job on finding out the names of these tracks. I'm not sure if more have been found out by now but there are over 250 of the "Pikes" series releases now (holy shit!). So i went on Buckethead's website as well as google and found out what releases they are from as well as their original release dates: Unconfirmed maps' tracks: 1. Romero: One Mind, Any Weapon (exclusive) 2. 13th Floor (Pikes 118 - Elevator - 2015) Map list with confirmed tracks: E5M1 - ? E5M2 - ? E5M3 - Buildor Part 2 (Pikes 224 - Buildor - 2016) E5M4 - The Patrolman (Pikes 8 - Racks - 2012) E5M5 - Cold Frost Part 6 (Pikes 205 - 2 Days Til Halloween: Cold Frost - 2015) E5M6 - Melting Man Part 2 (Pikes 10 - The Silent Picture Book - 2012) E5M7 - Far 5 - (Pikes 266 - Far - 2017) E5M8 - ? E5M9 - ? I added the links to the official pages where one can purchase the individual tracks and/or the whole album but you'll obviously still be missing the exclusive track. If the links and/or this post goes against the rules then i apologize as i'm not trying to condone piracy. I'm just trying to figure out which tracks come from which album.
  11. CyberDreams

    Is Hexen (1995) a so complicated game?

    I've played some of Heretic and enjoyed that game but i've never actually played Hexen. I've seen a few Twitch streams of it though and it does look a little tedious, especially the expansion "Deathkings of the Dark Citadel". The constant onslaught of re-spawning enemies in the expansion is just ridiculous, especially on the harder difficulties. I'm just glad i wasn't the one that was playing the game and that i was only watching it being played via a Twitch stream. The main game seemed like it was generally okay though from what i saw. You just have to "step back in time" and play it like its 1995 i guess. And yeah, i'd agree that the puzzles can be a little idiotic at times (or at least that's how they looked). But i guess that's part of the charm. I guess it's more of a "thinking man's" shooter. I tend to like the more action oriented aspects of Doom and not the puzzle aspects so i highly doubt i'd actually like Hexen (or Hexen II) all that much but i'd be willing to give 'em a shot sometime since i did enjoy Heretic (well what i played of it anyways).
  12. CyberDreams

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for April 2019

    I read through all 21 pages of this thread and man did i really want to "respond" to some people. Hell, i'm just happy that Sigil is even a thing, period. I do think that it's very cool that Romero teamed up with Buckethead for this release as i'm a fan of Buckethead's music (although i haven't really been paying attention to what he's been up to lately) and i do own a few of his CD's. I did manage to see him live back in 2012 or so. It was actually around the time the "Pikes" albums were first starting to come out so i bought the first one (i didn't have enough money for the second). I'm sure by now Buckethead has released about 150 of 'em as Buckethead's notorious for putting out albums faster than greased lightning. Anyway's, i didn't have money to buy Sigil in any form due to various health/life reasons but i'll totally play it when it comes out and i have no doubts in my mind that it'll turn out to be a great 5th Episode. I'm sure Romero already has had some great people/players play test it so no worries there. I'll use w/e source port it works with too as i've read that it's not Vanilla compatible. I already have my GZDoom set up and ready to go as that seems to be the "go to" source port (although i use Pr/GLBoom+ quite a bit myself). I just hope i'm "ready to go" the day it's released ;)
  13. CyberDreams

    What are you playing now?

    Gonna start playing something that's pretty old but seems interesting: CRINGE! by Mark Klem and Eric Sargent from 1994. Some people might know Mark Klem for his music compositions that he made for Memento Mori 1 & 2. Gonna try it out in GLBoom+ since i get major screen tearing in PrBoom+ sadly. I'll be playing on UV as well as using the custom sounds patch & graphics patches for the WAD. It should be quite an interesting play-through. I just hope it doesn't have any mandatory secrets as i really hate those hehe. UPDATE: I'm about halfway through CRINGE! after restarting the whole thing once (i tend to have a hard time sitting down & "legitimately" playing Doom sometimes). So far a few levels have given me some trouble since they have mandatory secrets (hidden keys, ect.) and i had to no-clip just to figure out where the hell to go. There is also a custom mini-boss in a few levels as well which seems to use the same chaingun as the Spider Mastermind (hitscan) but it's not too hard to beat with rockets or the BFG. On another note the music is really good so that's a relief. I've also encountered a few traps such as crushers & teleporter mazes that are kind of annoying. I suppose this is typical of early Doom mapping so i suppose i can't complain too much. After this i'm going to try a "somewhat" newer PWAD, probably something that is well regarded and hopefully something a tad more interesting.
  14. CyberDreams

    Eternity Engine 4.00.00 Völuspá

    Thanks for the tips and showing me your settings! The "novert emulation - on" definitely helps and i messed around some more with the acceleration as well. I found that "Chocolate" or "Custom" seems to be alright so far.
  15. CyberDreams

    Eternity Engine 4.00.00 Völuspá

    Hmm...yeah i'll have to mess around with the settings some more when i have the time so i can find that "sweet spot". I could of sworn that i tried everything but i'm sure i probably missed something as i'm not to familiar with Eternity. I just wasn't exactly sure if it was SDL2 related or not. Anyways, thanks for the quick response!