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  1. CyberDreams

    The Band Name Game.

    Sevendust - Bitch
  2. CyberDreams

    What are you listening to?

    Megadeth - Live Trax II E.P. - 1997 I've never heard this before but it has some neat live tracks and the partial show is from the Cryptic Writings era.
  3. CyberDreams

    The Band Name Game.

    Dream Theater - The Mirror I'm not sure if Dream Theater was already listed but i'm not scrolling through 11 pages to find out lol.
  4. CyberDreams

    Former Papa Johns CEO eats 40 pizzas in 30 days

    Geeze...i feel kinda sick after eating a large Domino's pizza in one go (and i love Domino's btw) yet alone 40 pizza's in 30 days. I hope they are not large hand tossed or thick crust w/e.
  5. CyberDreams

    What are you listening to?

    More Megadeth: Megadeth - So Far, So Good... So What? (1988) (Full Album) I don't own this album so it's very cool to hear it. I've only heard a few songs from it in the past, mainly the ones that Megadeth has played live from it but i like it alot now.
  6. CyberDreams

    Knitting Doom

    Pretty cool! I have no idea how this works, but the fact that you are doing it is really neat lol!
  7. CyberDreams

    I REALLY hate key and secret hunting

    I just hate that a lot of early 90's maps hide keys in secrets (mandatory secrets). Thankfully no one does that anymore when making a map. But yes, i actually like linear maps a lot as i tend to get quite lost in Doom. I'm also pretty OCD so i need to scrounge around everywhere which can become quite a pain in the ass. If i see a hallway i need to go down it, even if i "think" i did already, just to make sure (pretty sure most people do that though). So it's a pain on more open maps. About the Call of Duty games: i've been playing the older ones on my Xbox One and i have to say that i'm actually enjoying them (trust me they are harder with a controller lol). I'm up to Modern Warfare 2 now and i'm still having fun. The ones before this one have been somewhat hard on higher difficulties due to the way the AI acts, especially if you don't do things a certain way. Also, fuck grenades. They throw wayyyyy to many grenades and you can only pick 'em up to throw 'em back sometimes. I doubt this matters to people on a Doom forum though. You can't tell someone who mainly plays Doom that the older Call of Duty games really aren't all that bad (even up to MW2) and that they are decent for an easier (depending on difficulty), more linear, story driven shooter experience. Especially if you just want to chill and blast through a game.
  8. CyberDreams

    What is something about doom that you absolutely hate?

    Infinite tall height. You get used to it though so i don't really hate it tbh. I usually play with it on turned on in GZDoom as i'm actually quite used to it. I still can't really comprehend the overhead map either in Doom so i use the GZDoom one but not with it fully textured. I'm still trying to learn what everything means. I still suck at dealing with Archviles and i hate the homing rockets that the Revenants have but i don't necessarily hate Archvilles or Revenants. I just suck with dealing with them.
  9. CyberDreams

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    How it looks when i'm extremely light headed
  10. I've been suffering from a major neck/shoulder issue for the past year (on my left side) which has severely limited me from doing damn near anything and i've finally found a doctor that has possibly found out the cause: a disc in my neck around the c4 area, possibly two! Since i'm only 29 and i wasn't in an accident, several doctors didn't believe that i was in so much pain but after finding one who actually looked at my MRI (which was taken a year ago!) he concluded that it's probably a disc, maybe even two of them. I am not on any pain meds either so this has been extremely tough to deal with but i'm just glad to have finally found out.


    Now starts the long process of first doing shots, which i personally don't think will work. If those don't work (aka last longer than a few weeks) a "nerve ablation" would be next. That should last about a year. Then if that doesn't work or last as long as it should than surgery would be the last course of action. Wish me luck everyone!

  11. CyberDreams

    Half-Life: Alyx - Valve flagship VR game

    As most people have already stated, i think it looks very cool but limiting it to VR only definitely limits the gamer market, including limiting me. I have no interest in VR whatsoever so unfortunately i won't be playing this.
  12. CyberDreams

    Port of the PC version of Exhumed/Powerslave

    Cool!! I've never played this game before at all. Now that a source port is out, i can finally get around to trying it! A big thank you to the guys at the Duke forums! (i'd say it there but i tried making a few accounts and for some reason it just won't let me).
  13. CyberDreams

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    I'm sure it'll be great. Since the release date got pushed back that gives id Software more time to work on the game/polish it up. After finally playing Doom 2016 this year, i ended up liking it. It's not my favorite Doom game but it's definitely better than most AAA FPS games out there nowaday's and it's definitely fitting of the Doom name imo.
  14. CyberDreams

    dinosaur games?

    The Turok games. I have number 2 on N64. The newer ports/remasters (w/e) are fantastic imo! I just play those ones now. I also remember playing a Jurassic Park game on my friends Sega Genesis but it was quite hard. It was, uhh, interesting though lol. Definitely not my fav though but i couldn't think of anything else to say at the moment.
  15. CyberDreams

    What are you listening to?

    Megadeth - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! (1985) (full album)