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Status Updates posted by CyberDreams

  1. About that PCDOOM.WAD info, here's where that page leads: https://web.archive.org/web/20130407060714/http://rome.ro/lee_killough/articles/doomconf.shtml It's a transcript of an online Doom conference by CGW with Shawn Green and American McGee and they discuss Doom II which wasn't released yet. It took place in September of '94. It mentions the guy who made PCDOOM.WAD (and some of his other WADs) at the beginning and a few other places as well. 


    Example: "[Note: PCDOOM.ZIP is also available here. Both are modeled on Ziff-Davis HQ bldg at 1 Park Avee, New York. PARKDO.ZIP is the 11th floor, where Computer Shopper and Windows Sources make their home, and PCDOOM.ZIP is the 4th floor, home of PC Magazine and PC Labs. Both are excellent creations of Steve Baldwin, an editor for Computer Shopper. --RL, sysop]"


    I guess he was an editor for Computer Shopper which was a magazine.

  2. So a few days back when people were posting a ton of "this game vs. that game" topics and then other "weird" versus topics started popping up, i was replying to them seriously (except for one of them that i admit to leaving a joke in) since they all seemed legit.


    So this morning i come back after being laid out for a few days in pain due to my neck to see that i had received a warning for "shitposting" and the warning also stating that "this isn't 4chan". I don't really know what to say. I mean, just take a look at what i actually posted. It's still listed down below for me. All of my comments were serious except for one. It's not hard to see that, except for the one "memey" picture i guess.


    Hell, I don't even like 4chan (is that place still around?) and i don't even really like memes but w/e. You do you i guess.

  3. I've been suffering from a major neck/shoulder issue for the past year (on my left side) which has severely limited me from doing damn near anything and i've finally found a doctor that has possibly found out the cause: a disc in my neck around the c4 area, possibly two! Since i'm only 29 and i wasn't in an accident, several doctors didn't believe that i was in so much pain but after finding one who actually looked at my MRI (which was taken a year ago!) he concluded that it's probably a disc, maybe even two of them. I am not on any pain meds either so this has been extremely tough to deal with but i'm just glad to have finally found out.


    Now starts the long process of first doing shots, which i personally don't think will work. If those don't work (aka last longer than a few weeks) a "nerve ablation" would be next. That should last about a year. Then if that doesn't work or last as long as it should than surgery would be the last course of action. Wish me luck everyone!

  4. Wow, i just realized who you are! Not going to lie, i'm not all that familiar with your maps as i haven't played the Master Levels all that much (but i have played through it a few times, just not recently). I do plan on playing through them again soon though, as well as your whole Cabal series so that should be quite fun. I just wanted to say hi lol :)

    1. Soundblock


      Hey, no biggie - glad you’re finding them of worth your while. Reccommend coupling them with hidfan’s neural texture upscales!


      Made Plasmaplant & Echelon more recently, if those should be of interest

  5. This Wednesday i have to go for an MRI to test for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Let's hope i don't have it. For the past 8 months i've been experiencing extreme nerve pain as well as muscle pain in my neck/shoulders so it's been really hard to do anything at all. Let's hope it goes well.

  6. I recently bought some more Doom strategy guides & the Doom II & Final Doom one's showed up. They are in decent condition, with the Final Doom one being in the best condition of the bunch (the Battlebook is fairly rough on the outside though). The picture below is not the best due to the shitty camera on my phone. For some reason the red's turned out more pinkish, probably due to the background which is just a red T-shirt that i laid them out on (it's not pink, i swear!).


  7. I recently bought the original "Doom Battlebook" (it's not the expanded edition) for $4.18 off of Ebay (free shipping) and it showed up yesterday. I figured it would be neat to read a few of the older books/guides. It's not in the best condition but then again for a measly $4.00 it's exactly what i expected it to be in; with clean pages & a few "battle scars" to the outside to boot. Next up on my list is "Doom II: The Official Strategy Guide" as that is usually dirt cheap & there are plenty of 'em available for sale.