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  1. I've been suffering from a major neck/shoulder issue for the past year (on my left side) which has severely limited me from doing damn near anything and i've finally found a doctor that has possibly found out the cause: a disc in my neck around the c4 area, possibly two! Since i'm only 29 and i wasn't in an accident, several doctors didn't believe that i was in so much pain but after finding one who actually looked at my MRI (which was taken a year ago!) he concluded that it's probably a disc, maybe even two of them. I am not on any pain meds either so this has been extremely tough to deal with but i'm just glad to have finally found out.


    Now starts the long process of first doing shots, which i personally don't think will work. If those don't work (aka last longer than a few weeks) a "nerve ablation" would be next. That should last about a year. Then if that doesn't work or last as long as it should than surgery would be the last course of action. Wish me luck everyone!