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  1. PanterD2S

    Slow Motion Doom.

    That stuff looks and sounds amazing! love to see that, but map1-005 is a bit short. (and tons of mistakes in it I guess^) How about 30nm4949 in slowmo? And I put some 25-30y anniversary talk into it :) hope that was relevant enough^
  2. PanterD2S

    It´s time to give Decino Caco for best Doom player 2021

    love decino's vids in general - he is constantly showing and telling new stuff I never knew. So nice they played good ol DM Map01, remember hours and days and weeks doing so... ;) nah he was clearly worse considering map control
  3. PanterD2S

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    What is a Port? ^ - thought PR-Boom is a port ....and I remember this long discussion. including this SR50 switched on by default. Lately i saw people on youtube playing Doom on PSX(?) and getting rewards(??) for goals they accomplish. (wtf^) IoS sounds like smartphone version - even saw a GameBoyDoom somewhere... Thats all different new games.
  4. PanterD2S

    I beat Doom 2!

    Congrats! ^^
  5. PanterD2S

    What are you playing now?

    From an artistical point of view I wouldnt call it "playing" - but just some IdleGames left after I finally quitted playing Mush (MT) in 2-3 languages ....^
  6. PanterD2S

    How are other people emotionally?

    ´95 i was ...erm...16? ...guess I liked it from a less music-theoretical point of view (but still one of my favs) - mostly the raving girls did their jobs at that time :D
  7. PanterD2S

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    Thought those "ports" auto-cheat with SR50 ON .... ^ "ports"...pfff
  8. PanterD2S

    How are other people emotionally?

    wonderful song - now I feel old....guess I am.^ However I will smile the moment I die. Everything is totally fine! Dont take anything too serious but sometimes those pains can be awful -I know.. Wonder what damaged you guys, I have this "genetic jackpot" making me stay in hospital my whole youth... ...ever since I played computer ^^ - great present for kids in hospitals, in case u have some old Gameboys maybe.. ;) (also very good therapy to get back into balance)
  9. PanterD2S

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Actually came here for exactly that purpose - and to ask for some kind of permission to make one of Zeromaster´s already highly entertaining recordings maybe even a lil cooler by adding some commentary audio. (I think someone else already asked for something like this) And now I dont even find his last speedrun effort even mentioned here ...hmm.. But however, still afraid I completely differ to the statement. Its "Compet-N" and not "Self-Sacrifice" for some higher good, but maybe I just have a slightly different approach here. To look back at what you did earlier as Nate suggested is at least a start Thats a "casual" way to start on a game, map, whatever. If you plan on staying and play something for a bit longer, its first you probably should do. Find a Demo, and check out where all this probably leads after some time...and maybe consider then not to go for a new Fallout3-Speedrun or alike ;) Saves Time and probably a lot of frustration. Even for the audience! Lately watched a D3 live playing (with 5 others^) but quickly got bored when she died at the same place over and over again. Well ok "Accept you dont know - go to ANY Demo of this Map and look for escape route, then come back". Probably stayed if she had done this live too but "Trial n Error" is too 80´s for me somehow..
  10. No-Monster Runs now count for Compet-N too? :-"
  11. PanterD2S

    Your favourite level to Deathmatch on?

    Always was and therefore probably "is" -> D2 Map1 (Map2 and 7 nice and playable too, Map3 rather not)
  12. PanterD2S

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    yeah but thats gonna need some helluva guy ^ With all this bazillion of Hypermodern tricks shown somewhere, drawn together... - FORTUNATELY most maptimes are really short nowadays.... 28 in 5s, 21 in 3s...episode3 probably barely even a minute ;)
  13. Wasn´t there some good ol´ DanG Coop - Site? However, talking about classic top-quality coop plays (more classic than top^^) - I inserted this old .zip here, maybe someone else can make a youtube vid from this - long lost but first ever lvl07-coop-jump. Im too stupid and too lazy and Patrick who I asked to do some months ago probably too lazy too :) cs07-009(1).zip
  14. PanterD2S

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    think I saw something like this in a map 2 recording recently. mhm. to get back into the map at the end area is the problem? Lost souls tend to leave map from time to time (something to do with full maps and PE not shooting at all? not sure but seen quite some action outside "kinda" often with Lost souls) - at least I remember this happened in map 10. Maybe its possible to fall into the end without re-entering at all ? However, If you already can LEAVE the map - I wouldnt give up at that point ;) so in theory its doable ? Some single player TAS without Turbo probably most impressive here saying "its theoretically possible without TAS too.." - no need to do in 4s, I really enjoy some longer struggles like in e2m8pacifist... probably even more than watching 4- 9s .lmps hundreds of times , 2playersturbo255 isnt even a category isnt it? :D Still great stuff guess the small ending switches work great "from outside" too? when i make it back in another 20 years to watch the latest speedruns I guess it will ;)
  15. PanterD2S

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    urm....thanks alot^ First 2-3 seconds all is fine - remember the game (yay!), remember the map ....but then... I claim this to be "magic" - absolutely no clue what youre doing and why 2 players n stuff is needed... some really lucky hit by Imp Fireball wont do it in single player run? Oh....and you sure u didnt use IDclip? ;)