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  1. SilverHawaiin

    Best Megawads for DRLA Playthroughs (?)

    That sounds rather fun actually... I outta try it, I know Blanket Doom gives a more Rogue Like Feel to DRLA when your playing through an entire episode in one go.
  2. I'd like to make a list of some Megawads/IWADS that I believe are much funner when played with DRLA or at least it is reccomended to play with DRLA, I've got a few suggestions: -Ultimate Doom (Ep1 - Ep3) Its overall one of the best ways to get into Doom Rogue Like Arsenal and merges the complexity of weapons and other in game things with the incredibly fun level design of Doom 1, never a dull moment -Doom the way ID did - Funny this is right under Doom 1, Doom 1 wads are just a blast to play with DRLA -Doom 2 Reloaded - Its more realistic architecture with a balance of enemies makes it fun and satisfying to find and craft new weapons on your way to map30 -Claustraphobia 1024 - Playing through this along with DRPG was an interesting experience, some of the maps were very detailed and provided little to no boredom as a result -JOM4 - Since Most JOM4 levels (Or All) are capable of being ran in GZDoom 2.11, You can experience a fresh batch of creative UDMF styled maps with the mechanics of DRLA, it makes for an ultra unique experience (Especially with the Episodic styled themes) Suggestions from Users: (Please suggest I want to know some good mega wads to play with this Chad of a Doom mod) -Oblige - Generate WAD, if you die, quit and generate another WAD -Compendium -Blanket Doom
  3. SilverHawaiin

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    I never finished my map dang :(
  4. I've been getting back into making doom maps again, and well, I wanted to do a project involving Doom Roguelike Arsenal's user defined entities and add some more hidden type of things i n the already super randomized mod. The types of maps I'm making are those similar to both the original games with the style of Doom The Roguelike, The exit will always be available for you to go and hit or enter, but its your job to explore the level yourself (Happening in the same places as doom 1). So any though or advice? I've always wanted to give this kind of freedom to a player especially when it may or may not screw the last level for him. Just share what you think or any advice at all it'd motivate me and maybe Ill learn a thing or 2.
  5. SilverHawaiin

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Will there be a purple sky added in the texture pack? The default sky kinda ruins the mood of the purple
  6. SilverHawaiin

    Holy Darn [Music Thread]

    brb going 2 die
  7. SilverHawaiin

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Count me in, I'm feeling a brand new creativity rush, the same I felt from when I first started mapping thanks to my absence, Ill try to get something done
  8. SilverHawaiin

    Holy Darn [Music Thread]

    you guys ever listen to faith no more? just got into em, great stuff.
  9. SilverHawaiin

    Share your music Collection

    Rate me bro please bro
  10. SilverHawaiin

    What's rare in your music collection?

    I also have a Limited edition of Untouchables by Korn that features a remix for track 15, Also has a video inside it
  11. SilverHawaiin

    What's rare in your music collection?

    I have the One Step Closer Linkin Park CD with the B sides "My December" and "High Voltage", No Hybrid Theory album listen through is complete without those
  12. SilverHawaiin

    Random Image Thread

  13. SilverHawaiin

    Tell me [Half LIfe 2 rant]

    There was that one free mod on steam for HL2 that had like recolored enemies and was like multiplayer/ coop rpg ? it ws really fun when i played it
  14. SilverHawaiin

    Tell me [Half LIfe 2 rant]

  15. SilverHawaiin

    Tell me [Half LIfe 2 rant]

    Why is it that EVERY SINGLE TIME someone tries to make a half life 2 mod (Take for example, Hunt for freeman), THey try to polish and make the new assets and models look 4K HD and shit, and blend it with the original in game models? Their was never a mod where there was a Consistent Resolution applied to newly added models unless it was a recolor (Maybe SMOD does this), its always "Polished" but never fitting, same with the sounds and it bugs me. These people could put less effort into the modeling (Just enough to make it look nice) and hit a better sweet spot then instead of adding 325y134908674398056 polyguns in a game which has just enough polygons by default to trick the human eye into believing the smoothness. Come on guys, stay consistent, don't be distant from your material