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  1. Hey! Nothing done yet here, I'm still working on my contribution for this map, I have made a little bit of progress but not a lot yet (Getting back into UDMF has been a little difficult but still feasable)
  2. Swollen Bliss - Version 1.1 Changes made: Removed cramped Cyberdemon fight, replacing w/ 2 mancubi Added more ammo pickups Added more armor/health bonus pickups Removed a few of the overabundant health packs Large outdoor area has a lot more going on, including the Cyberdemon with UMAPINFO boss action function Added secrets Removed teleporters, opting for hallway/stairs approach to bridging large and middle areas What still needs to be done: Adjusting difficulty settings for enemies in the large area Overall it feels more complete with some of the changes you suggested! swollenbliss-v1.1.zip
  3. When you say uneven, do you mean the settings (HMP vs UV etc.?) or just the difficulty across the map as a whole? I'm assuming the latter. I am more than likely going to edit the other side, as of now there's a teleporter that leads to a secret, but that's about it.
  4. Map Name: Swollen Bliss Author: stonedbaroness Music: Duke Nukem 3D OST - In Hiding swollenbliss-paint it.zip Notes: Corresponding difficulty settings Co-op spawns Feedback appreciated! Some screenshots.. (I set the sky w/ UMAPINFO, so I promise it wont be this displayed one !)
  5. I am interested! I think I'd want to do the BFG/Berserk combo. I do have a map already made from years ago, it was never used for anything but it's a weird/gimmicky map that I could easily retrofit to hone in especially on the gimmicky aspect of this project. I would like for you to try it out and give me some feedback, so that I can turn it into an official submission ! Hazardous Course.zip And some screenshots....
  6. stonedbaroness

    Doom 1 E1 unrealistic space

    Its jarring at first especially since E1 is set on Phobos, but I've liked the idea that the UAC had the sheer scale of resources/budget to just casually terraform Phobos. It also just looks really cool and organic!
  7. stonedbaroness

    Is Project Brutality hated in Doomworld ?

    For me, Brutal Doom is just another mod I can play online in Zandronum, right beside Complex Doom/LCA. Personally, Doom RLA w/ Monster randomizers such as Colorful Hell and LegenDoom Lite are more my thing for single player. Funny though, when I make maps I always like to test them with BD, CD, etc. to see how it would play out in a modded setting. Of course I don't go out of my way to balance around the mods, only strictly around vanilla gameplay.
  8. stonedbaroness

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Working on two different co-op map projects, each will be about 9-10 levels long The first of the two is a limit-removing wad that will be meant for 4-player co-op, smallish maps with bigger interiors allowing players to freely move around while also retaining the core doom experience. This is made with ultimate doom as the base IWAD, and being made as a tribute to my favorite design tropes of Episode 1, with more *realistic* approach to believable areas. My other wad will be meant for larger servers (Even with only having 4 player starts), I'm making a gothic styled map thats a mix between labyrinth, outdoor courtyards, and stylized interiors all within a castle/fortress setting. It will be using MBF21 as the format so that there is compatibility with Odamex, ZDaemon, and any other type of Boom compatible port that supports MBF21
  9. stonedbaroness

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Small update! :P Maps a bit more fleshed out now, need to finish up two areas and item placement and thats.. that! Also a teaser for the project name/cover :P
  10. stonedbaroness

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Working on a co-op based limit removing wad for doom 1. Just felt right for me tbh, even without the D2 bestiary + super shotty. I want to build my mapping momentum towards making quality co-op catered wads cuz honestly, they're fun :P Experimenting with huge maps because I can (The tiles in the image are 128 squares..)
  11. stonedbaroness

    What would you want from a dedicated co-op wad in 2023?

    The amount of firepower two to twelve doom guys can have is honestly astounding and its no surprise why mods like LCA + Complex Doom are so popular. I think more mappers should find ways to slow momentum within the co-op experience that isn't just rooms full of archviles, cybers, etc. Puzzles like AdNauseam said, maybe like a crusher room that activates when a player gets to a certain point, necessitating a hunt for a switch to turn it off to prevent players stuck behind from progressing while also rewarding the player with a keycard towards progression.. a lot of things I feel, have yet to be tried for multiplayer doom !
  12. stonedbaroness

    What would you want from a dedicated co-op wad in 2023?

    Agreed, there should be more of these types of puzzles! I think the difficulty stems from making sure the map is still able to be beaten with just one person. I had something like this in my Zanzone project, where you would walk on a ledge over water, hit a switch and turn around to shoot at an elevated switch. It was cool and in practice, it worked well in both single player and multiplayer! I think any co-op wad should accommodate the single player experience by making it busier by even repeating a similar puzzle that otherwise would've been done concurrently with another player in co-op. (also to incentivize multiplayer :P)
  13. another thread about co-op megawads? After viewing my own post history on this site, I've asked this question many times. Its always been "Advice?" when really, I should've been asking what people like to see in co-op wads. I've tried kickstarting community projects but no avail (I was not the best with being responsible in leading projects such as those). For instance, I really enjoy DBZone because of how unserious it is with its silly use of ZDoom-isms. I find it charming, but also sections such as the train level are really cool as its not usually something you see within limit removing levels, though sometimes boom levels. My main motivation at the moment is discovering MBF21 after being absent from the community for like 3 years. This feels like the perfect format to work with since I've discovered UMAPINFO, while also being flexible across many source ports and its ease of use thanks to the features of the Boom engine its based on. I had focused on Zandronum previously, but I think a wad like this that could be played by Odamex/ZDaemon/Any multiplayer port of preference that supports compat level 21 would make it more accessible to a wider range of folk. To summarize this thread: If you have a wish list of ideas you'd like to see for a co-op wad, I wanna hear em! This isn't guaranteeing or teasing anything, I just want to see others inputs on such a project idea.
  14. stonedbaroness

    What are you listening to?

    This album is solid, idk how to explain it but has a similar vibe to the TNT: Evilution OST and I don't know how to put that connection into words lol. This track in particular sounds like it influenced map11/map14 (Storage Facility/Steel Works)