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  1. Beta! But playable and beatable (I hope so at least). I may do some major reworking and re balancing in the map later, but for now this is what I got! Requirements: GZDoom 3.1 or higher UDMF Format (May require strong computer) 300+ enemies Knee deep in dead theme Load map05 Music: E1M4 (Bobby prince) Sky: Skulltag team/ID software Screenies: (They take too much space to post) Load up all the realm 667 monsters!
  2. Pretty sure you'd need a better computer at that point.
  3. This mod looks like a blast! May try.
  4. I've got the 95 thesis's.
  5. I was expecting a lighted stage, only then to encounter great architecture!
  6. I must agree, its a strange however unique type of demand for level design with the perfect opportunity for "Easy to make" levels however "Difficult to master" For it to be done right and in a satisfying way.
  7. Complete with reflective floors, custom enemies and maybe skull tag power ups to amp up the mayhem!
  8. You need to fix some of these maps, man. Some of them seem so terrywadish
  9. All I've got to say is: No one is above the law. Simple is that.