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  1. Sooo, new monsters bro?
  2. My dad use to play Conflict: Vietnam when I was still learning how to talk back then, its pretty nostalgic to me, the series as a whole.
  3. @Kapanyo Is there a possible way for me to get in contact with a server host, just to host these maps? I really feel like these maps can work out in duel pretty well.
  4. Can't miss out on multiplayer doom, man. Go and snag a copy, why don't ya?
  5. Im impressed and eager! is it compatible with Zandronum 3.0 at the least? Death and Decay might play out really well with these maps..
  6. Im mainly looking for a White E4 Sky texture, though any other unique recolors are kindly appreciated! Also, anyone know any good websites to go for Doom sky textures?
  7. Damn I wish I could own the New doom for doing this.
  8. Discord link everybody!!
  9. m u s t p u t a s i d e t h e a l i e n a t i o n
  10. For those who wish to be
  11. How many were tricked into thinking that the orchestrated build ups in some parts sounded like they were going to play the Doom 64 Intro theme? For me it was too many to count. Also, How many thought some of Aubrey Hodges Doom PSX/64 Soundtracks Would've fit very well into this movie? I thought it would've fit better in some scenes (Though obviously updated so it doesnt sound all MIDI Composed ya know?)
  12. Another Small update! Setting up a discord server in case this does get larger! though just best to stay in touch ;)
  13. Small update! Sorry got grounded, finally ungrounded though and back on track! Keep it coming baby with whatever ya got!