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  1. Question #1: Using GZDoom and DoomBuilder 2, how do you construct a large episode for Heretic? I know you can assign arbitrary map name to a level in DB2 (eg, E7M1 or MAP01). I was thinking about doing a 12 level "episode" for Heretic but I need to define things like the map names and map flow (like which one is the secret level and how to access it). Can anyone point me to a wiki article or HOWTO on how to do this? (or maybe just explain it?) Ideally, I'd put the maps in a proper .WAD file, and then that file into a .PK3 file with whatever other scripts or configuration files I would need (this worked for me with custom graphics anyway with a different series of levels). Question #2: I'm guessing the ZDoom option in DB2 "Teleport, also monsters, same angle" is basically the Hexen-like functionality to fake 3D features or does this mean something else? Is it used the same way? Teleport to a tagged sector and thing? Question #3: Does DB2 have an option to show sprites in Things mode? Thank you.
  2. DEICE to reintegrate the files WOLF.EXE to uncompress the files WOLF3D.EXE to run the game Otherwise I would suggest rebuying it again at GOG.com
  3. greentiger

    A good (and legal) way to get Doom 1 and Doom 2?

    You're not buying the game, you're buying the license to a copy of the game. Giving your game to someone else to have is not considered theft as long as you don't retain a copy. That said, most companies won't go after casual copying because it costs more than is worth it--but most companies generally don't approve of the practice of sharing like that.
  4. greentiger

    Need help, need sprites

    Thanks for saying this--I understand where you're coming from though.
  5. greentiger

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    Well DOOM was the first FPS I played, I never got much into Wolfenstein3D (although I did play Spear of Destiny and various Wolfenstein DOOM mods). I thoroughly enjoyed playing Ultimate DOOM (episodes 1 and 4 are my favorite). DOOM II is fun (I like the new enemies and the new weapons, but I like the DOOM levels better). Never played DOOM3 beyond the demo nor any mods for it. I played and enjoyed DOOM 2016 but no mods; DOOM 2016 while fun, didn't have staying power for me. EDIT: Although I have to admit--I'm so used to playing with mouse-look and the ability to jump that it feels ... wrong ... to play vanilla DOOM without those abilities. So no, strictly speaking, I don't play vanilla DOOM anymore; but if you're just talking about a modern source port without mods, then yes, I do love "vanilla" DOOM.
  6. greentiger

    Need help, need sprites

    I love the art work--and the price seems fair. Give me 2-3 days to let me see what I'm going to do with this model that I have; I will message you and let you know. Thanks!
  7. greentiger

    Need help, need sprites

    Your reply comes across as helpful initially--and then ends in a patronizing way--this does not inspire confidence. As stated in the initial post, I've created textures and the game's document. Also as stated, before looking for a programmer, I need to get a small subset of sprites. I also have sound effects and music files. But I don't think I need the player sprite set anymore--I've gotten a low poly rigged and skinned model that will fit the theme of the game. Whatever missing graphics I have I'll probably use the Doom sprites for stand-ins until I can get replacements.
  8. greentiger

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    I like his doom mod madness videos. I dont watch anyones live streams, including his. I like how he isnt really profane or vulgar. His reviews seem thorough and pretty fair. Ive also learned about most doom mods through his videos, so all in all, a good youtuber. Likewise, Ive played adventures of square and blade of agony because of his videos.
  9. greentiger

    What are your favourite 'Hidden Gems' Games?

    Vandal Hearts for playstation
  10. greentiger

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I love sci fi, babylon5, and most star trek
  11. greentiger

    Need help, need sprites

    I'm trying to create a sprite based, first person, MP arena shooter. Before I start looking for a programmer though, I've been collecting and creating media. Having been inspired by Adventures of Square and a couple of other mods, Ive been making my own textures as well as modifying the LAB textures. But now I need more specific help: I need an original player sprite set and weapon sprites. If you'd like to help let me know and I'll share my game document with you. If you'd like to help in other ways or have questions feel free to message. Thanks
  12. greentiger


    Well if it's simply a matter of finding an organizer, I'd be willing to do it if the community was willing to engage in it again. I could probably set up something up on GitHub or talk to OpenGameArt. I actually wanted to do something like this after my game was completed but if people see value in it, I could start it early. Yay or nay on starting a similar project?
  13. greentiger


    Is the DECK project abandoned? (Doom Editing Creator's Kit) I was hoping to get some useful stuff out of this. I'd like to create a more casual arena shooter using either the Quake engine or Doom engine (or rather, sourceports). Mostly inspired by the creativity by the 8-Bit Megaman Deathmatch game.
  14. greentiger

    Doom64 Graphics

    Has anyone made Doom64 style renditions of the missing enemies? Like chaingunner?
  15. greentiger

    Various GZDoom Questions

    Q1 RE: new textures How to get DoomBuilder and GZDoom to use custom PNG textures? Do they require any special pathing or naming conventions? Q2 RE: new monsters How do you go about making custom enemies in for GZDoom? (replacing sprites or new graphics? new enemies have to be coded in-engine or can be scripted via ACS or TXT?) Where are there guides for this? EDIT: answered here? Q3 RE: GZDoom features Can GZDoom be run without an IWAD; or, alternatively, can an IWAD be created from a pk3/zip file or does it have to be a "proper" IWAD? Thanks.