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Junko Enoshima

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Status Updates posted by Junko Enoshima

  1. Doom E1M1 music 63874645th alternative version



  2. I accidentally deleted the "Doom" folder, only Doom 64, Heretic and Hexen survived.

    *imagine a Darth Vader nooo gif here* (inserting images in status updates doesn't work for me)



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    2. LuciferSam86


      Next time do backups, like I do.

      Repeat with me: "The Backup is beautiful, the backup is good, the backup makes me sleep well at night" :)

    3. LuciferSam86


      almost I forgot: I learn the last sentence after I lost some doom mods that were not backed up.

    4. Nevander


      You could try Recuva.

  3. I decided to play Hexen again, because I'm stucked on the early part of the first hub. I'm watching @42PercentHealth's videos, because commentary this time is useful for me. He talks about switches and puzzles. Ok, Alt+F4, since this I play Hexen with cheats only. End of the shit story.


    1. Junko Enoshima

      Junko Enoshima

      I forget to write "useless status update x+2", but now it doesn't matter.

    2. Major Arlene

      Major Arlene

      I found this walkthrough was fairly helpful when I got stuck. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. But it's so worth it when you finish!

  4. Spectra's useless status update x+1


    Part 1: I miss a preview option of the writing before I post something


    Part 2:

    I started playing Blood II (don't ask why).

    Situation: I'm at the second level. Low health of course, because I don't kill civilians. 

    *finds the first flare gun guy*

    *walks into the bullet*

    *burning animation, decreasing health*

    *stopping at 0% health*

    *nothing happens, Caleb still lives*



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    2. Junko Enoshima

      Junko Enoshima

      Until I don't pick up any health, the enemies stand still. Explosions and drowning doesn't work.

    3. KVELLER


      LOL that's hilarious.

    4. elsaltaccount#9999


      That's horrible, go play some Blood 1 to clean your brain of feces.

  5. This avatar is a masterpiece.

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    2. elsaltaccount#9999


      That looks even worse, delete that too.

    3. superchargecacodemons800


      Nope, I spent a lot of effort on drawing that masterpiece. The green art is also the screenshot of a very old version of The Chasm Resurrection.

    4. elsaltaccount#9999


      I don't want you to delete it, i was talking to Spectra, your avatar should be in a museum.

  6. "Rank: Nice Member"


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    2. leodoom85


      No clue? even the numbers itself give you that lol

    3. CzechMate29200


      your a nice guy :)

    4. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      That's a nice member you've got there.

  7. Windows hates me.

    I installed two times, because in the 1st install the Windows Explorer crashed if I clicked on something. Unusable.

    2nd install: Works, everything seemed normal. I installed the drivers, Chrome and an antivirus. Nothing special. 5 hours later, errors, trojans...

    1. CzechMate29200


      Same here man, try hackintoshing your computer. MacOS is pretty sweet imo

  8. It's a shame, if when I first saw your current avatar, I thought it was Mynx from Quake 3? 


    1. Misty


      Nah. It's not. I use Motoko face from Ghost in the Shell as my avatar. I can be confusing sometimes. I don't see problems here ;)

  9. Content count: 50

    Deleted content count: 10 9

    18% wasted. Why isn't there a delete option?


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    2. Xyzzy01




    3. Voros


      Content count: 830
      Actual count: 4600+

    4. Voros


      Shit happens.

  10. There are a Doom 1 and 2 in name only project. But this is applies to maps, not the music.

    How would it be create a Doom (2) music in name only project?



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    2. Junko Enoshima

      Junko Enoshima

      I wasn't clear enough.

      I meant this:

      e.g.: E1M3 has the track  "Dark Halls", and making a music with the same title (but not remix)

    3. Junko Enoshima

      Junko Enoshima

      @Walter confetti, I just saw what did you wrote, that version really would be interesting. (Sorry, if you can't understand fully)

    4. Walter confetti

      Walter confetti

      Yeah, sorry, i've wrote it wrong, english is not my first language.

      I was meaning about making maps inspired from stock music, but your idea is awesome too!

  11. Can somebody recommend a good video capture software (free)? 

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    2. CzechMate29200


      @Fonze yeah, but then you have to deal with.....WINDOWS 10!!! *DUN* *DUN* *DUUUUUNNNN*

    3. Maes


      You mean screen capture or video capture from e.g. a webcam, VCR, USB microscope, TV tuner etc.? These are vastly different beasts, though with VirtualDub it IS actually possible to do a window/surface capture as well, in addition to external video sources.

    4. MrGlide


      If you've a Nvidia graphics card the geforce is wonderfull to capture with.

  12. How can I put a video into post?

    1. bzzrak


      [ yt] URL to youtube [/ yt]

    2. Junko Enoshima
    3. Linguica


      [yt][/yt] hasn't worked since we changed the forum software, now you just paste the URL and it auto embeds.