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  1. Phoenix Wright

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod, where the monsters can pick up powerups, health and armor, and the zombies can pick up the weapons and use against the player.
  2. Phoenix Wright

    (q1 and q3) VS (others)

    My guess is because Quake 2 is a slower paced game than Quake 1, and the people here like fast-paced games. (Using quotes on mobile is a nightmare, so I using "s instead) "Quake 3 is good" Sure, playing on servers/with friends sounds fun, but if we exclude these, then all you've got is just fighting against bots, no real single player. The same applies to Unreal Tournament, but UT had more content (a lof of maps, gamemodes, etc.). "I mean graphically something is wrong with quake 2, the enemies, also there are much less number of mods for quake 2 compared to quake 1." You're saying that because you don't like the sci-fi (I don't really know how Quake 2's style called) or the enemies' design or what? Agreed on the mod part. "NOTE: notice that quake 2, quake 4 and quake wars are tied together, storywise. While the best two quakes, 1 and 3, are story wise unique or no story at all. So I am not sure if this has anything to do with the above statements." In short, no storyline = good game and if game has storyline = bad game? I'd like to argue with that, but my English is not the best. "Quake 2 is much less interesting to look at than Quake 1 and has an overrated, monotonous soundtrack." Grey vs. brown, none of them looks interesting (Okay, I know Quake 1 uses colors other than brown, but that was the most memorable part, which is sad). This is really my personal opinion, but I prefer the Quake 2 soundtrack instead of Quake 1's, at least the NIN part, I usually don't have problem with ambient music, but this is just boring, and I feel I could like fall asleep at any moment.
  3. Phoenix Wright

    Random Image Thread

  4. Phoenix Wright

    Random Image Thread

  5. Mostly agree. No Rest for the Living is better than the Master Levels.
  6. Phoenix Wright

    Random Video Thread

  7. Phoenix Wright

    Best games?

    What I think about people who chosen Doom 2 and didn't wrote a reason: just because it has the super shotgun and "new" monsters Plutonia/E1 > E4 > E2 > D2 > E3 > TNT
  8. Phoenix Wright

    Random Image Thread

  9. Yes. The dehacked file changes the par times, level names... texts, but not the monsters behaviour or hit points.
  10. Phoenix Wright

    Random Image Thread

  11. Phoenix Wright

    Which difficulty do you play at [2018 Edition]

  12. Phoenix Wright

    PLUTONIA 4 Released! (April Fools Megawad)

  13. Phoenix Wright

    Forum Update?

    Comment burned in hell.
  14. Phoenix Wright

    Random Image Thread