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  1. TootsyBowl style question: done Probably I'm blind, but I didn't find an option to disable it.
  2. 2008 - photos with my father
  3. Doom: secret level music, it's ok for the first time, but when I hear on E3M9 and E4M9, it gets annoying Doom II: Level 23 music, ironically I have don't have problem with the original music in midi version, but the d2 version is terrible. Level 6/12/24/48: booooring
  4. deleted
  5. Maybe this is not the correct use of the status updates, but I did this. So far, I don't have to create a topic for 1 question, and I got answers as well, because the people saw it. Now I can unnecessarily create a topic and naturally disappear among the other 500 (and no answers). + and what 42PercentHealth wrote
  6. Doom E1M1 music 63874645th alternative version



  7. Railgun
  8. I accidentally deleted the "Doom" folder, only Doom 64, Heretic and Hexen survived.

    *imagine a Darth Vader nooo gif here* (inserting images in status updates doesn't work for me)



    1. 42PercentHealth


      Here ya go:



    2. MrGlide


      look in trash bin?

    3. Spectra


      It's gone with the other deleted stuff, because I emptied it.

    4. Memfis


      This proves that Doom 64 is the only true Doom.

    5. LuciferSam86


      Next time do backups, like I do.

      Repeat with me: "The Backup is beautiful, the backup is good, the backup makes me sleep well at night" :)

    6. LuciferSam86


      almost I forgot: I learn the last sentence after I lost some doom mods that were not backed up.

    7. Nevander


      You could try Recuva.

  9. I decided to play Hexen again, because I'm stucked on the early part of the first hub. I'm watching @42PercentHealth's videos, because commentary this time is useful for me. He talks about switches and puzzles. Ok, Alt+F4, since this I play Hexen with cheats only. End of the shit story.


    1. Spectra


      I forget to write "useless status update x+2", but now it doesn't matter.

    2. Major Arlene

      Major Arlene

      I found this walkthrough was fairly helpful when I got stuck. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. But it's so worth it when you finish!

  10. Small mods: Arl's improvements, a mod which brings back the Doom 3 Alpha HUD, sounds, and the shotgun. Bigger mods (custom maps): In Hell, Endarchy, Hallowed
  11. ^Off: For the first time, I started watching your videos. Next time I turn down the volume. Another off: 42nd subscriber.
  12. Source Ports: D:\Doom\<shortened source port names> (like pr2514, gz310, etc.) WADs: D:\Doom\wad\<requied doom version> (d1, d2, final, d64, gzdoom) Misc.(midis, graphics, texts): D\Doom\misc
  13. You skipped the old E1M8 level from 0.8. Proper skies for the maps: TLL2 E3 sky instead of E1 sky. TLL3 This instead of E2 sky. TLL4 The linked sky instead of E3 sky. Do you plan to do this with the old Phase 2 maps?