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  1. Pacifist lvl666
  2. E4M1: Only 9% health, shotgun guys, baron traps, telefrag (rarely) E4M2, if I exit E4M1 and continue playing this (with almost zero ammo)
  3. "Rank: Nice Member"


    1. Edward850


      You have 69 posts.

    2. Spectra


      Ok. But, I don't fully understand. What's so special about this number? 

    3. Edward850


      I'll tell you when you're older.

    4. Poohlyash
    5. bzzrak


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    6. leodoom85


      No clue? even the numbers itself give you that lol

    7. CzechMate29200


      your a nice guy :)

    8. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      That's a nice member you've got there.

  4. Blood Shadow Warrior ('97 + 2013)
  5. idk (2000) Tekken Tag Tournament
  6. Reincarnation of the grammar nazi. :D
  7. A short video:
  8. Doom: E3M5: teleporters E3M6: ugly E3M8: short for a boss level Doom 2 10: random textured rooms glued together 12: Where is the factory? 14: brown 21, 24 23: "fun" 30: Lame boss. (These are lame reasons, but I don't like them)
  9. Interesting, I always get 100% kills.
  10. Because Quake 1 final boss is better.
  11. Because I reacted negatively to Quake 1, I decided to play with it + the expansions (on Nightmare, because Normal is... weak now a bit). I'm now on E1M5, I died 2 times (first is a suicide grenade, second is not paying attention to the nail traps). I missed two secrets on E1M3 (doesn't want to register, but I found them) and one on E1M4. The music is still boring (in the original Quake, the expansions music is good), but I decided to not turn off.
  12. A sequel to Prey, not a reboot.
  13. Windows hates me.

    I installed two times, because in the 1st install the Windows Explorer crashed if I clicked on something. Unusable.

    2nd install: Works, everything seemed normal. I installed the drivers, Chrome and an antivirus. Nothing special. 5 hours later, errors, trojans...

    1. CzechMate29200


      Same here man, try hackintoshing your computer. MacOS is pretty sweet imo

  14. I always edit my posts. I hate Windows 10.