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  1. Forum Update?

    I noticed my profile has a Clubs tab (or something). This has a purpose?
  2. Random Image Thread

    "Random Image Thread" (posts Doom-related images)
  3. Best: Doom 1, Doom 64, No Rest For The Living Good: Doom 3 (both), Final Doom Meh: Doom 2, Master Levels ...: Doom '16
  4. Best/Worst Heretic Music?

    Best: E3M2 Worst: E2M1, E2M8
  5. Made a 90s FPS Discord Server

    RIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EMhd8DCNTg
  6. Metra: HacX Tribute

    I tried both, but I always got the the same results.
  7. Metra: HacX Tribute

    I get the same thing with ZDoom.
  8. Metra: HacX Tribute

    I loaded this wad with GZDoom and Hacx but has a lot of missing textures.
  9. Doom 64 These days

    Doom 64 EX
  10. arbitrary e1m1 change?

    It was a Boom-compatible map and removed in 0.11, because Freedoom changed to limit-removing + (I'm not 100% sure about this) the author didn't want to modify it.
  11. Preferred Software-Mode Resolution

    in PrBoom+ and Eternity: 640x400 in GZDoom: depends on the wad, usually 640x400 or 1024x768