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  1. I loaded this wad with GZDoom and Hacx but has a lot of missing textures.
  2. Doom 64 EX
  3. It was a Boom-compatible map and removed in 0.11, because Freedoom changed to limit-removing + (I'm not 100% sure about this) the author didn't want to modify it.
  4. in PrBoom+ and Eternity: 640x400 in GZDoom: depends on the wad, usually 640x400 or 1024x768
  5. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/0dde1391db3ccea789ea59881b166cfdf7f3e25701c02bbad3cfd15accf73e8c/detection 1 marked as unsafe, but that is a false alarm.
  6. If we are criticize the musics, the E2M7 music is perfect for this. Fucking loud, and sounds worse in OPL. I never liked this track, but it felt "correct" when was the other pre-0.11 E2 tracks existed, because they had similar sounding (at least for me).
  7. "random"
  8. I hope the title doesn't requires further explanation. My first anime was Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002, and this anime was the reason for I started liking football.
  9. In Hungary, they started putting the Christmas things at 2nd week of September. But I don't know why...
  10. I hope this is just a joke.
  11. Yes, in Wolf3D mods I prefer keyboard controls.
  12. Answer to the second half: I thought the item selection key was the "use" key, but that is the "Space" key. to the first half: I get it, the game doesn't support windowed mode the resolution I chosen. (I tried 640x400, but I need to use 640x480)
  13. Probably this is just me, but I get a crash if I go to the Customize Controls menu. (and I'm not a fan of WASD walking in Wolf3D games)