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  1. Here it is. reverse.zip
  2. No, you're not the only one.
  3. 1: Suspense (E1M5/E4M4), Sign of Evil (E1M8/E3M4/E4M1) 2: Waiting for Romero to Play (MAP18/27)
  4. Not bad ideas, but a bit edited E1M1: Harang (a Hungarian word, means bell in English) E3M8: Sid (Yes, I lack creativity)
  5. How can I put a video into post?

    1. bzzrak


      [ yt] URL to youtube [/ yt]

    2. Spectra



    3. Linguica


      [yt][/yt] hasn't worked since we changed the forum software, now you just paste the URL and it auto embeds.

  6. "That file isn’t here anymore Someone might’ve deleted the file or disabled the link."
  7. I thought about this a few days ago. 1. Blaster (name from rocket blast damage, not creative enough...) 2. Rocket launcher sprite in Doom 0.5: Starting from super shotgun, maybe super rocket launcher (which fires 3 rockets at same time)? Ah, still not creative. (About your ideas: Grenade launcher still a better idea than railgun, but grenade launcher why use rockets, this is a bit strange)
  8. 64> 1 > 3 > 3 Roe > 2/Final > '16 1: The classic. 2: Same as the 1st, just with more monsters, and with super shotgun. Super shotgun ruins the balance between weapons and this has the lamest boss ever. I only use this for custom wads. Final Doom: I never finished it, because I'm lazy to start again. (When I was a beginner, I died on Level 4 in Plutonia, and completely lost on Level 8 in TNT) 64: Completely different from Doom 2. New levels, textures, mechanics, boss, weapon. Best version. 3: Different direction, but not a bad game. 3 RoE: I haven't finished it yet, because I always die on Erebus Labs. (where the bridge vanishes and returns) 2016: No, not this. I don't understand how they could call it classic. Glory kills, upgrades (ok, upgrades are not really bad, except if they made the weapon owerpowered...), you can't escape from locked rooms, etc. Oh, and if I'm mentioned the glory kills, technically you couldn't die, because this game gives health/ammo from killing enemies...
  9. deleted
  10. No. (I only use it if forced: *cough* every Quake II source port *cough*)
  11. Sounds much better than actual E2M1 music.
  12. I decided to play The Reckoning and Zaero, but I have some problems: The Reckoning: - I can only start the game from the console, because the intro video doesn't start. (Missing frames...) - Some monsters doesn't appear on the level. (e.g on the first level I have 17 monsters, but another person have 59) Zaero: - Unskippable intro. I press the skip button, then start the intro again (This have missing frames too, but at least this is to be able to start) I'm using Quake 2 Unofficial Patch 3.24.