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  1. speckygingerweapon

    Shows you're currently watching?

    You guys are more enthusiastic about TV shows than I am, I've become a bit fussy with them, 2 years ago I would watch almost anything and like it to some degree. Recently I've been watching something I've wanted to see for a long time, Nowhere Man. Heard good things about it and I've loved it so far, one of the best written and directed TV shows I've ever seen, I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on it. Only one season though but it's got 26 episodes and the story is fairly self-contained, unlike a lot of cancelled TV shows.
  2. speckygingerweapon

    Your Favorite Game of All Time

    Mines are in no particular order either. -The classic Doom games are a favourite of mine but not a contender for best game as I feel most of the custom content created for it far outweighs the content of the original material. Just thought i'd throw that out there. -Along with quite a few of you I absolutely adore Thief 1 and 2, really immersive, atmospheric and strategic games with just the right balance between interactivity, exploration and fun gameplay. -Unreal Tournament, the 1999 original, is still my favourite multiplayer FPS of all time and while I don't personally understand how someone could like Quake 3 Arena over it, I won't argue with them. It's just got such a badass, action packed feel to it with the right level of oomph and excitement you would expect from such an action oriented game. -The Portal games are always great when i'm not in the mood for something violent, I love the 3D first person puzzle solving aspect as well as that exciting feeling you get when you solve a test chamber. -Blood is one of the most fun, over the top and violent games i've ever played. I love the gritty, grindhouse atmosphere and the level of destruction you can cause, plus Caleb is such a funny, endearing character. I haven't seen a shooter that recreates that kind of feeling since. Painkiller comes close but lacks the exploration and strategic elements it had, as well as the explosive punch of the weapons. -Rayman 2 is almost the best game i've ever played, it's still my favourite platformer. It's a treat to the senses, the music and sound is utterly brilliant and has never left my head, the visuals are incredibly colourful, well done and consistent and the gameplay is very fun, challenging and fluid. -The Jak and Daxter trilogy, like Rayman 2 above, are great Third person games, 2 and 3 are particularly fun due to the excellent vehicles and weapons. There's plenty of other games I love, but if I were to list them all, this post would go on forever.
  3. speckygingerweapon

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    So stop whining and go back to CoD then you spoilt kids. Maybe you don't like the aesthetic but it's their game and their choice, i'll admit i'm not totally bought over by it but if it turns out to be a fun, well put together game like Quake or Hexen 2 then i'd love to give it a shot.
  4. speckygingerweapon

    Video games that bad but you would try it.

    You might hate it, but it is quite enjoyable, just arguably the worst entry in the franchise.
  5. speckygingerweapon

    Does anyone have these Quake 2 Doom levels?

    http://www.gamefront.com/games/quake-2/downloads Try looking through this archive, although to be honest, those levels don't look all that great.
  6. speckygingerweapon

    Favorite Soda

    Irn-bru or Vimto for me. There used to be this cheap, but amazing tasting soda years ago in the UK called T&T or something along those lines, it was really fruity, like Fanta, but tasted nicer, smoother and more exotic.
  7. speckygingerweapon

    Marathon Appreciation Thread

    You don't need to do that, google Aleph One.
  8. speckygingerweapon

    Games you wished had one more sequel...?

    Try convincing EA to make any decent Star Wars game now...
  9. speckygingerweapon

    The Demon

    I love the screenshots so far, your map looks like it has excellent texture placement and a good, consistent moody atmosphere. EDIT: Just played through half of it, excellent work! I really like this map, the gameplay is straight-forward but challenging, the layout is nice and the visual design of the map is beautifully moody, I like the way you've combined hell textures with the wood and metal ones as well as the moody Doom2 Sky1, it works surprisingly well together. Also that room with the imps behind the fence in front of that firered texture is awesome.
  10. speckygingerweapon

    Marathon Appreciation Thread

    Very, very well, it improves upon them and the way they integrate the story into the gameplay is brilliant, however the gameplay in some levels can be a bit frustrating due to difficulty and lack of resources and due to the alien nature of some levels it can be very easy to get lost in them. Yeah Marathon fans are absolute purists when it comes to the games and the engine, don't bother trying to get technical stuff like this changed.
  11. speckygingerweapon

    Vanilla Doom2 Single Player level: Atrocious Temple

    That's strange, it showed up for me in both Software and GL playthroughs.
  12. speckygingerweapon

    Marathon Appreciation Thread

    Played through the trilogy around the time the games came out for free online for both PC and MAC, took me a while to get into it but once I did I absolutely loved it. They're primitive, repetitive games but I love the atmosphere and story, particularly the third, even if it is incredibly confusing and avant-garde. Has anyone here played Marathon Rubicon? It's one of my favourite game mods of all time.
  13. speckygingerweapon

    Games you wished had one more sequel...?

    Shogo: M.A.D, it's the only one I REALLY want a sequel to that hasn't been mentioned yet. Unreal (single player) would be a great one too, as long as they took inspiration from the first game as well as understanding of what went wrong with the second one (over-ambition, linear gameplay and level design, convoluted story-telling, unnecessary downer ending, etc).
  14. speckygingerweapon

    Vanilla Doom2 Single Player level: Atrocious Temple

    Thanks man, it's fixed.
  15. Hi there, some of you may remember me from Jimmy's Discord server: the Joy of Mapping. This is one of my first single player levels, it's very short, predictable and straight-forward, but I quite like it. If you want screenshots before you download, just ask and i'll send some, I don't have an imgur account yet, sorry. Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/?7up3elcull89ecn EDIT: Forgot to mention, some ports, when running in GL mode might show a missing sector for one of the walls at the start, i've no idea why this happens. EDIT 2: It's fixed.