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  1. Sig

    Doom '16 Mods

    "Corporate?" You mean Bethesda? The company that allows modding in the games they publish? Hasn't it been understood that it's not even worth it to release mod tools for a game like this, as no one could mod new material with this in any reasonable amount of time? This isn't idtech 1. They released mod tools for Rage. No one did shit with them.
  2. Sig

    Doom '16 Mods

    This ain't idtech 1.
  3. Ah, I forgot it's only available in mission select.
  4. Release a game before we go broke.
  5. Sig

    How will id handle a Hell on Earth sequel?

    Maybe it won't be surprising that the OG Doom4 they were making, becomes an outline for the next game, with some reworking and the newer elements added. The were playing it safe by doing a reboot of the first. I'm gonna 'call it', and say this is going to be the case. I will also dare to guess that the next one will have some SP DLC that will be an origins prequel to everything. PM for lotto numbers.
  6. Sig

    What do you think of nightmare mode?

    If you play arcade mode enough, trying to get a slayer rating in all difficulties, you will see that there is a slight change in behavior in demons between them. Slight, but it's there.
  7. Sig

    Make a better Pistol or Pistol-llike weapon.

    There is a old western double barrel shotgun in it and you don't like any of the pistols. Doesn't matter what Doom doesn't 'feel like', it matters what makes it more fun.
  8. Sig

    Make a better Pistol or Pistol-llike weapon.

    Next time they should just make the pistol a revolver, with limited ammo. Alt fire can be the left hand cocking the hammer back for rapid shots with an accuracy penalty.
  9. Sig

    DOOM Nominated for Game of The Year 2016

    Damn, I didn't realize I've put in 400 hrs myself, which makes it my most played game since I joined Steam in 2005. That's something. The only other game I believe I have played more than this is GTA3. I'm glad I don't know the hours on that.
  10. Sig

    What's your favorite chainsaw kill

    I usually never bother to chainsaw anything big in worry that I might not have enough fuel. I like sawing the Summoner. That initial trying to crack through the skull with it screaming. Plus it's all elusive and tossing a wave of red shit at you, making it more satisfying when you slice it.
  11. Sig

    Story telling elements Doom can excel at in the next game.

    Can't tell if trolling or completely making my sarcastic point that I made in the first sentence.
  12. I felt zero satisfaction in her sinking into the unknown and a brain with a spider mech body rising up in her place which may very well not be 'her.'
  13. Sig

    Infighting... real deal or scripted?

    If you are playing the game full on, you aren't gonna notice it/it won't be there. If you loudly crash the party with run and shoot, they're all gonna turn to you.
  14. She might be dead, but Doom 2016 wasn't being developed for 10 years. It wouldn't take, and didn't take, 10 years. The game left off on an obvious cliffhanger. There are obviously plans to follow up in respectable time.