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  1. An entire videogame genre would not have been created. Wolfenstein could quickly lose popularity(especially because of controversy). And due to the increasing controversy, id Software would quit making games altogether. Of course, WAAAY later, some random person on the internet would come up with the idea of making FPS games and could have made something else, which isn't related to Doom at all.


    And the worst part(of not even thinking about), the Doomworld community, would not have existed. We would be talking about something else then.

  2. Got pretty creeped out as a kid after reaching level 23 on PSX Doom. As usual, the Aubrey Hodges music was creepy enough(but as a kid, I really didn't care. I was out killing demons!), and after seeing the Cyberdemon, I was like, "WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD IS THAT THING???"


    The huge size of the cyberdemon really freaked me out when I was like, 8 years old. I clearly remember, I just had to turn off the PlayStation just after seeing him, and going straight to bed at night (yes, I was a really wimpy kid). By far, those moments are the ones that make me laugh the most right now.

  3. First and most stupidest suicide attempt  when I was 12, by trying to slice my own arm off with a paper cutting machine. Luckily, I wasn't able to handle the pain and started screaming like hell, and just then my mom showed up and I was taken to the nearest hospital in no time. Idk why, but after that incident, I have begun to appreciate my life and feeling happy for what I do, even if other people judge me against that. 

  4. 28 minutes ago, yakfak said:


    Obviously if you tried to a submit an iwad speedrun with your jump key activated it'd be rejected!

    What's the problem of playing an IWAD level with jumping? I know about PWADS, but I really don't see why speedrunning an IWAD with those functions gets rejected.(no offence) 

  5. Taking into account, the fact that this is even an option in GZDoom and Zandronum. I use the freelook and jumping functions to the fullest extent while playing megawads.


    Since the original Doom was never one to introduce jumping and freelook in the first place, would using these special functions(and others)found in most present-day source ports be considered cheating the game???

  6. I'm sure Quake could have been even more fun to play, and more fast-paced if Doomguy was introduced. Thinking of it, keeping the monsters the same as Quake's and replacing Quake's weapons with Doom's does sound kinda absurd, it's more like Doomguy taking a break from Hell, and going back in time to the Lovecraftian era to bash out some ogres and shamblers. It would be a really cool and fun gameplay style though.


    Not opposing Ranger, but his style of fighting monsters and the weapons he gets, better fits the lore of Quake, cause after all the game was meant to be more of a medieval and mythological type. The only science fiction stuff you get is on the base themed levels, with stuff like shotguns, grenade launchers etc. and then gets to the ancient parts with the eerie, Castlevania style levels, enemies like ogres and Knights, and weapons like Nailgun, S.Nailgun, and the WORST LOOKING ROCKET LAUNCHER EVER,etc.


    Just like how Doom 3 did(not 100%), Quake is more tilted to the creepy factor, rather than Doom's fast-paced, arcade style, so mixing the two together would feel quite absurd, but it can still be fun to play.