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  1. Guys, my school is gonna open soon, so my computer usage is again limited to the weekends. Also I have exams coming, so I think you won't be seeing any messages/threads from me for a week or two. I am doing a holiday assignment and posting this at the same time! You guys might be seeing another new thread if I pass the exams, so pray for me plz!

    I will be active on Thursdays and Fridays from now on.

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    2. Voros


      You talking about Sgt Ender?

    3. joe-ilya


      AbhinandAnilDoomguy said:

      Okay. I completed my studies for today. So, can anyone start PMing me?

      Dude, you just joined the community, don't expect people to drool over you so quickly.

    4. Clonehunter


      Don't expect people to drool over you if you've been here for forever, either.

      Now, people do tend to drool over maps, though. So try that, maybe.

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