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  1. I'm finally back on Doomworld!! After 3 weeks of total exam stress I'm finally back! From now on you'll expect new threads every Thursday and Friday.

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    2. HavoX


      I remember you, you said you had exams at school.

      Just remember though, you're always welcome to come here anytime.

    3. Cupboard


      You're especially welcome during exams. To help you achieve passing grades and exceptional marks, we can pool our collective intelligence, personalities, and in some cases split-personalities. Maes can handle UNIX database administration, I've got inorganic chemistry covered (that's basically pseudoephedrine right), dewww would teach contemporary hepatic transplant techniques, essel gets professional jug blowing, and Phml can handle gender studies. Might as well get everyone signed up to be a study buddy, we need this Doomer to get at least passing grades or at least a fistful of cybie.wad

    4. Spectre01


      Thanks for letting us know man! I was eagerly awaiting your weekly new thread schedule.