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  1. Okay, I'm REALLY sorry for posting this over here, but I kinda felt like I needed help.
    Yes. I am having a relationship, but just after the first month since the start of it, I have seen signs of problems. People started rumors that she is loving someone else, and when I talked or her, she just brushes it out by saying that it will be fine and bah blah blah. But when I went to her house one day, I seemed like I had arrived at the right time. She was talking with one of my friends and soon I found out that she had already proposed to him.

    I am deeply heartbroken in this situation. If anyone could help me, PLEASE!
    I can't even forget about her.

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    2. 40oz


      "They say love hides behind every corner, I must be walking in circles"

      Come on, man, you're better than that.

    3. Pure Hellspawn

      Pure Hellspawn

      Two Notes:

      1: I consider the long-term mark at one year. So this shouldn't be hard to get over.

      2: Think this question through. Are you heartbroken over her or that you won't have a girlfriend anymore? There is a huge difference and it takes time to form attraction.

    4. geo


      My cousin went through something similar. As bad as you feel right now, you'll get through it and have someone better at the end.