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  1. My Pre Mid Term Exam results:


    Well I guess I scored good in some subjects, but I just could not clearly tell whether I did all exams right. 

    Well, here goes:

    English - 36/40

    Second Language - 36.5/40

    Science - 30/40

    Social Science - 30/40

    Math - 14/40 ( i suck)


    So, how do you guys 'rate' my overall grade?

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    2. Phade102


      I never did exams, but to be honest, most of them look pretty well. English and Second languag are great. Math though...you really do need to do better at that if you plan to have a good job. But dont stress too much. Remember, 40/40 isn't required to do most of the jobs you want to do.

    3. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      I know, mate. But see, I have lost my base in math, thats why the foundation isnt that good.


      P.S I wish to be a journalist , so I guess there is not much math in it.

    4. Phade102


      Thats fair enough, if Journalism is your goal, then a lower math grade probably wouldn't hurt too much. Still, It would probably be better to try for a slightly higher grade.