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  1. MTF Sergeant

    So, where are you from?

    I know it's a bit of a more 'personal' question to ask. If anyone feels not to reply to this, I'm really sorry. I LOVE to travel to different places around the world. By far, I have been to only a select few places such as Paris, Los Angeles and Dubai, and I need to explore more! I wish to go around the world. So I had an idea to visit those places where you guys are from. In Doomworld, since each of us are totally equal, we might have a wish to meet the users in real life by travelling to the places they live. I know, you are from various locations around the world and I do have the feeling to go to that place to meet you. So I want to hear from you. Where are you from? If I could, I might be able to meet you in my upcoming vacation next month.
  2. After watching Digital Foundry's review, the more I seem to agree how Jag Doom's visuals with CRY somehow decimates the PC original's RGB. The shift in color and tone feels near perfect for a game such as Doom. Is there a way to sort-of replicate this with the help of a source port or total conversion? Or should I play Jag Doom the old fashioned way with an emulator?
  3. Sure, it may be considered silly, but did you like someone from a videogame so much that you instantly fell in love with him/her?? Well, to be honest, I had a crush on this crew member girl named Yumi from Need For Speed: Carbon!
  4. Now that's a really weird choice. Why did they implement green instead of red? It feels so mundane to play Doom if blood displayed as green instead of red. After all, Doom is SUPPOSED to be violent. Was this their attempt to bring the game from Mature to PG? That's what I think.
  5. I'm talking about games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six, Overwatch etc. Since these games are, of course, part of the same genre, and existed WAY after Doom did, would they still be considered as a Doom clone nowadays? If it is, I think we should be proud of playing such a legendary game! I mean, come on! This game was more popular than a fucking OPERATING SYSTEM if you didn't know about it yet.
  6. MTF Sergeant

    Doomslayer looks like the Predator?

    That shoulder-cannon and melee blade explains everything. Now I guess all he needs is an eye laser(honestly not ripping off another franchise).
  7. MTF Sergeant

    If Doom had a Battle Royale mode??

    I would think of the exact same gameplay style of PUBG/Fortnite in Doom, without building, and driving vehicles. Could be a fresh and unique variation which still delivers on everything we love about the ‘Last Man Standing’ multiplayer template alongside new stuff such as lootboxes and bigger maps. Well, I can't tell much more about it, so suggestions are always welcome.
  8. MTF Sergeant

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    Or, is he introducing something new to the table? Doom Eternal's soundtrack didn't feel too appealing to me, because, it's particularly nu metal stuff, and has less of a demonic feel to it. I guess the only track I liked of the gameplay demo was at the near end, after fighting the Baron of Hell. The rest of the soundtrack, as I felt, was just guitar riffs and drums, and basically no usage of computer based sounds. I don't know much about music genres in general, but I need your opinion on this one.
  9. Come on! Let's be revealing! Guess I'm kinda organised.
  10. MTF Sergeant

    Tips For Making an Engaging Doom Map

  11. MTF Sergeant

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    It's REAL fun to watch stronger monsters beat the crap out of the weaklings, with me running around with god mode on.
  12. MTF Sergeant

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

  13. Agree. Sorry. Doom64 EX is better than the original.
  14. Disagree. Iron Man would build a Thanosbuster with a new Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers 4.
  15. MTF Sergeant

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    How about a mod, which combines Doom with the worst Sonic game EVER?!!!
  16. ...agree. The Doomslayer is more powerful than Kratos.
  17. Disagree. The Doom movie is heavily underrated.
  18. MTF Sergeant

    What are you listening to?

    Will Ryan(DAGames) is really amazing. Show him some love by subbing to him!
  19. MTF Sergeant

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    An entire videogame genre would not have been created. Wolfenstein could quickly lose popularity(especially because of controversy). And due to the increasing controversy, id Software would quit making games altogether. Of course, WAAAY later, some random person on the internet would come up with the idea of making FPS games and could have made something else, which isn't related to Doom at all. And the worst part(of not even thinking about), the Doomworld community, would not have existed. We would be talking about something else then.
  20. MTF Sergeant

    Favorite Cyberdemon Encounters

    Got pretty creeped out as a kid after reaching level 23 on PSX Doom. As usual, the Aubrey Hodges music was creepy enough(but as a kid, I really didn't care. I was out killing demons!), and after seeing the Cyberdemon, I was like, "WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD IS THAT THING???" The huge size of the cyberdemon really freaked me out when I was like, 8 years old. I clearly remember, I just had to turn off the PlayStation just after seeing him, and going straight to bed at night (yes, I was a really wimpy kid). By far, those moments are the ones that make me laugh the most right now.
  21. MTF Sergeant


    Welcome to the forums!!!
  22. MTF Sergeant

    Anybody want some extra body parts?

    Getting bit by a radioactive spider was always my dream as a child.
  23. MTF Sergeant

    When do you think we might see more info on DE?

    The Amazon listing for the game shows it as December 28th. But its most likely placeholder.
  24. MTF Sergeant

    Last Official Secret of Doom 2?

    Nailed it.