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Status Updates posted by MTF Sergeant

  1. Just woke up and had some  tea. Still don't know what to do in a fairly large hotel room

    1. Anidrex_1009


      Play Doom, read a book, watch a movie, write a tale, listen to some lovely music, admire the sky and think, release your thoughts and be free.

    2. Voros


      And masturbate.

    3. Anidrex_1009


      Theres two kinds of people.

      Lmao, Im dead. 

  2. I might suggest,


    Baron Army vs 1 Spiderdemon(for a literal Game of Thrones)

    Mancubi army vs Cyberdemon(FLAME RUSH)

    Spiderdemon vs A HUUUGE army of chain-gunners( let's see who rocks)

    Cacodemon army vs Shotgunner army



    And Finally....

    100,000 Revenants fighting to the death!!!

    1. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      Whoops. wrong message. Should've posted on the status update. sorry.

    2. RedDash16


      Heh, no worries :)

    3. Ichor


      Any decent number of enemies in an area, with about a dozen pain elementals very far away.


      Chasm-like ledges and revenants.


      2 spider masterminds on either side of a hall with staggered windows (so one won't be able to hit the other, but you would still always be in the line of fire of one of them), combined with an enemy blocking the exit and prolonging the agony.


    1. Voros


      Protip: if it seems easy, you're doing it wrong.

    2. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      At least I've got 5 days without it.

    3. Voros


      Maths is ABCs compared to further pure mathematics. Thankfully, I got an A in my exams.

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  4. Hotels in Delhi are pretty damn expensive. I got a 3-Star hotel room for 5000 Rupees!

    1. Pavera


      That's roughly $78 USD. Pretty low/average pricing for a decent hotel room, I'd say.

    2. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      But hey! At least they have free wifi, it's the only thing I care about.

    3. Csonicgo



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  5. Just reached Delhi!! Boy, the Railway stations are crowded!!!

    Now I need to find a decent hotel with wifi. 

    1. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      Indian mobile data usage is absolute shit!

  6. Why is there no music when I run Project Brutality?

  7. Will be reaching Delhi tomorrow( I'm still on the bus).

  8. Having 2 different versions of the same game feels absurd.

  9. Alright. Time to sleep. G'night guys( hope I reach Delhi soon).

  10. I have a sudden plan to go to Delhi for a week. I may either be online or offline for some time, until I find some nice hotel to live on.

    1. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      Luckily the bus has got free wifi

    2. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      Just boarded the bus. I guess it's gonna take 3 days to reach Delhi.

    3. MrGlide


      Ok, have fun with all that.

  11. Just began playing Elder Scrolls Legends!!

  12. OMG I HATE MATH!!!!

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    2. 38_ViTa_38


      Yeah, maths is one of the most important subjects for me. And the most important ones are languages.

    3. TootsyBowl


      I understand math is very important.


      I find it extremely boring though.

    4. 42PercentHealth


      Math is love. Math is life.


      Math is pure, unadulterated logic. It's the language into which the software of the universe decompiles. It's also one of the proofs of objective truth.


      Math is beautiful (proof: look at my profile cover photo).


      Math never fails.


      In case you couldn't tell, I love math! ;-)

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  13. Which antivirus/internet security software do you guys use regularly?

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    2. bzzrak


      Avast, coz it's free.

      I've used the Clam thing for a while as well, it's kinda funky.

    3. Ajora


      Avast is much better than AVG.

    4. KVELLER


      I'm someone that doesn't think before entering an unknown site, and Avast has blocked a lot of viruses coming from those sites. Probably all of them, actually, since my PC still works perfectly.

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  14. Will be offline for a few days. Need to study a LOT!!!!

  15. What happened to the Indian gaming community??


    Well, at this point, Indian parents are really concerned about buying kids video games. We rarely see Indian gamers who are part of the huge gaming community. And in India, only a third of the households own a console, but mostly they are PS2s or Xbox 360s. And most PC users have really low-end PCs. I guess this is due to a lack of social acceptance for video games as a form of entertainment. Athindra Bose, former head of PlayStation India has admitted that it is difficult to convince parents to buy kids video games for their children. But things are changing, and they are changing fast. 


    This is how the 360 was advertised in India:




    1. Master O

      Master O




      What happened to the Indian gaming community??

      *looks at the average Cricket oval in India.*  


      *Question answered.*

    2. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      y'all should get some memes for that commercial.

  16. Daikatana V/S Chipper & Sons Lumber Company.


    2 shitty games created by developers who then went on to create 2 REALLY AMAZING video game franchises.

    Who will Win?


  17. Gonna start making my first Doom map tomorrow (seriously, I have absolutely no experience.)

  18. This is one of the best pranks/comedy skits ever!






  19. Just found out that the Westopolis music from Shadow the Hedgehog when mixed with Doomworld seems really great!

    1. bzzrak


      how the hell do you mix a track and  a forum

      unless I'm missing something

    2. TootsyBowl


      Blue and black layout fits music well. 


      For best experience use Viscra's MIDI version.

  20. Which one of these symmetrical gifs do you like the most??9red.GIF.6d39bd9fb3d99c4ef087d00d9e5d3180.GIF  7red.GIF.e6462d5114b126ea55e2423ae8ea3c1e.GIF3red.GIF.8668915be4e1dc4898ad476437c946f5.GIF

    1. Armaetus
    2. Xyzzy01


      I just realized they were numbers...


      I like the third one.

    3. Ichor


      The first one.

  21. At this point, the Doom General forums have got 333331 posts.

  22. I found an old speech paper that I was told to speak in a school assembly section when I was in grade 9. So, I felt that I could post it so that you guys could also learn about this:



    Respect. It’s something that I feel has been lost… lately.  I feel like the definition of respect has been muddied a bit. Because people have a tendency to apply it only to the accomplishments that they feel are worthy of praise and admiration. But I’m talking about respect on a basic level; even if you boil it down to common human decency, it’s being lost. But the Golden Rule still applies. You still need to treat people the way that you want to be treated. And you’re seeing it less and less these days because people have an automatic tendency to assume that if someone is disagreeing with someone, they are their enemy, and they are inherently bad, and they should be fought against. It is possible to disagree with someone, but you can still respect them. You can even hate someone. You can hate and abhor their actions, they are doing terrible things and they need to be hated, but you still need to treat them with respect. We are all humans. Either we are equal and deserve to be treated as equal, or we’re not. We are not these ‘labels’, and it’s so easy to label someone. It is really easy to boil someone down to a single word or phrase, and that’s all they are, even if you’re praising them. Even if you put someone on a pedestal, or call them ‘Human Scum/Trash’, you are inherently dehumanizing them in both aspects. We are all people wandering about this world trying to figure out who we are, and we don’t deserve to get stupid ‘labels’ like these. By far, I hope you are understanding me because I am talking about the most basic human element, the one rule we all know, that we are all equal, and deserve to be treated with respect.




    I don’t give a FUCK… about the color of your skin, I don’t care about which religion you guys believe in, I don’t care about your gender, I don’t care about your personal info AT ALL! The only thing I care about is about who you are.  And, if we’re ever going to be more than we are right now, we have to, at the most basic, prudential level, respect each other, and it is hard in our current society. But it is so easy to take revenge or to get angry at others for no particular reason.


    But each and every one of us has a new opportunity to find ourselves and to advocate the treatment of EVERYONE, as equals. Because, if you don’t have that, whats gonna become of us?


    Thank you.





    1. bzzrak


      *wipes tear*

      so true

      *wipes another*


      also did you really say that you don't give a F in the school assembly thing? Whoa, what a progressive school.

    2. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      Indian schools are like this man, you can spout out a curse or two in a speech. 

    3. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      However, cursing for too long can actually get you fired.

  23. "Crisis City" music from Sonic Generations + Browsing Doomworld seems a whole lot better combination!

    1. tempdecal.wad


      Modern or Classic ? because Violin.

    2. MTF Sergeant
  24. Playing 'Overseer' by Doomsday while browsing the Quake Wiki seemed like a really great combination.

  25. Well, I am collecting some old Doom stuff such as the first versions of the novels, old cover boxes, game manuals etc. Since I like reading game manuals, which Doom manual has the most amount of pages. Is it the original ones or the new ones?