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  1. TFK

    Why does doomguys' armor expose his stomach?

    I always thought that the armor was small sized and Doomguy just tried to fit it in and as a result, the bottom part tore up.
  2. I don't know why, but this thread made me rush to my nearest KFC, order some 6 pieces of chicken, a chocolate krusher and a large pack of fries!!
  3. I love the ones from KFC and McDonalds. Burger King has pretty good fries, but I mostly prefer having onion rings alongside my Bacon King instead.
  4. Any similar glitch found in later levels???
  5. TFK

    What are you listening to?

    I never knew Disturbed┬┤s singer had such a talent for melodic singing. Shame they have never used him for this before.´╗┐
  6. Let's not include Doomguy in this scenario. I'm imagining this: The armies of all nations of the world come together to a peace settlement and together, try to invade Hell and take on the demons themselves. They go to Mars, to the UAC base and enters the portal to Hell. What's next? Body dumps?
  7. TFK

    Lets talk Doom 2!

    In terms of Level design, Doom 2 is my personal favorite. I LOVED all the levels set in the industrial background. MAP13: Downtown actually gave me the feeling that THIS IS HELL ON EARTH and the background provides some detail into the levels and tries to tell you that our home planet is devastated by demons and survivors are trying to evacuate, while Doomguy, decides to stay and kill EVERY demon on Earth, go back to where it all started and destroy the Icon of Sin for good. The music in Doom 2 suited the level's theme( no, I'm NOT talking about D_RUNNIN). Tracks like Bye-Bye American Pie, Shawn's got the Shotgun, Into Sandy's City, Waiting for Romero to Play, and The Demon's Dead are perfectly suited for the level design and gameplay. Next up, the new monsters. The arrival of the Hell Knight and Arachnotrons made the game even more fun to play and helps you practice shooting while circle strafing. Tha Arch-Vile makes the game a bit difficult, as it takes some time to get out of its line of sight before he attacks and dealing with resurrected monsters before killing the Arch-Vile is a pain in the ass. Revenants are kinda easy to take care of if you have an SSG, and the Wolfenstein SS Nazis are just mediocre zombiemen. Overall, I should say, of all Doom games, Doom 2 is no.1 for me. Loved the levels, gameplay, and music, everything is perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
  8. TFK

    Rest in peace, ALMN

    I have seen quite a bit of threads about news of fellow Doomers passing away, and I feel really disappointed about it. Losing an all-time community member is a very sad experience for me. Rest In Peace. My condolences to his friends and family.
  9. TFK

    Liking posts

    I agree with @Aquila Chrysaetos. It could be just an option to like the post with the sprite of your favorite power-up. Nothing new.
  10. TFK

    We got the demons!

    Any idea about those big worm thingies in the E3 Teaser??
  11. Mancubus is 'chubby' for me.
  12. TFK

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    I knew that SgtMarkIV's mods had creepy visuals and sounds, but nothing like THIS.
  13. Man, I just got my Xbox One S alongside Forza 3 and now Horizon 4 is announced? Damnit!!!
  14. TFK

    HELL YEAH!!!

  15. This game could be one step above Telltale in terms of the story, gameplay and stuff. I don't have a PS4, so I do not have any first-hand experience of the game. But after seeing gameplay of it, it just, seems to me that QuanticDream might get the chance to outrule Telltale's story-driven gameplay.