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  1. I know this a dumb question but why does goatlord start all his posts with *hits blunt*?
  2. BuuBee

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm so addicted to caffeine I have to buy jet alert caplets just so I won't get diabetes from drinking too many energy drinks. Also i like to draw sometimes.
  3. BuuBee

    If you were to remove a Doom II enemy...

    that and the fact they always face towards you when firing despite being able to infight.
  4. There was actually this one guy on another forum I frequent that had an e-nanny installed after his parents saw his deviantart history, and it automatically censored ALL swear words. It was hilarious since it also censored posts he quoted so it looked like he was doing it all himself.
  5. I heard it as Monkey Fighting Snakes ;-;
  6. BuuBee

    Heretic and Hexen

    I love Hexen! too bad there isn't a gameplay mod that isn't just a bad elderscrolls clone :C
  7. I never really thought about this, but I'll have to with the ones behind it all just because of the twist lol
  8. BuuBee

    user Malinku was murdered

    It makes me sad to realize how someone who seems so nice could just die for no reason (ಥ ̯ ಥ) may god bless his soul
  9. BuuBee

    Share Your Sprites!

    I use magicavoxel for making the model and slab 6 to export the model to KVX, and the KVXoffset tool to correct their offsets. It's pain to actually make animations because there aren't any "layers" per say as with pixel art.
  10. BuuBee

    Why was the Pinky officially named 'Demon'?

    I wonder how they came up with the name "Pain Elemental" in that universe.
  11. BuuBee

    is map design of this kind encouraged?

    It'd be annoying but if there's only like one archvile and few imps people would forgive it; AVs can only revive one monster at a time. I wonder if someone ever added a custom monster with an AoE revive, cause that sounds like fun -_-
  12. BuuBee

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I set crouch to C and reload to Q
  13. oh, yeah, forgot about that ;=;
  14. BuuBee

    Suggestions on Final Boss Concept

    The monster and the attacks are cool but maybe if the arena was like a stone hedge like arena, it'd give the player a break from circle strafing all the time. Perhaps give it an occasional archvile like fire attack so they have incentive to use it?
  15. The connected game pad thing seems great for local multiplayer since you'll always have two "controllers" with you but other than that it seems to be a little dry. Like does it even have motion controls or even a gyro for wii/wii u games? Is it even backwards compatible with those?