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  1. Shtbag667

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I have mental health issues which prohibit me from doing things like creating a happy time circus 3 even though I would love to do so.
  2. Shtbag667

    Free sounds

    Sure, I'll see what I can do.
  3. Shtbag667

    Free sounds

    Hi, I made some ambient sounds if anyone is interested. I made them with Ableton, VST effects, and a sound recorder. I'll make more if there's a demand for them. They are mostly loops but I may make more one-shots. If there's something someone is looking for I'll see if I can make it. http://www.mediafire.com/?5a5nmds518ccj19
  4. Shtbag667

    Can I get some feedback, please?

    I have an account: http://soundcloud.com/rs1981 It's all hit or miss I think but whatev.
  5. Shtbag667

    First WAD you have ever played?

    One of the first WADs I remember playing was maproom.wad.
  6. That's pretty much exactly how I view things too. Most jobs out there require very little mental effort and can all be taught on-the-job but employers want employees that will essentially sacrifice their lives for their jobs. It's bullshit but there's so many people out there that need jobs employers can afford to be picky. One of the many reasons I will never have kids. I was looking into what my options are for living lightly and cheaply too since I plan on shifting towards working less "normal" jobs and more towards being a freelance artist. Because of zoning regulations and the impossibility of finding land that actually doesn't belong to anyone, the only way to live in a vehicle is to rent a spot of land for it in a designated area (trailer park). I thought that was bullshit and have decided that an apartment is the best choice for me.
  7. Shtbag667

    Map names I don't realize

    I always thought Nirvana was named after the fact that the player starts in an area with lots of health that he returns to throughout the map so that starting area is nirvana for the player or something.
  8. Shtbag667

    Grove.wad music

    It´s composed by the author. I think all his levels include music he composed himself.
  9. Shtbag667

    Phocas 2-likes

    If I get back into doom modding, I will probably make something similar.
  10. Shtbag667

    List your top ten favorite games.

    1. Doom 1 / 2 - I like doom 2 a little more due to the new monsters, super shotgun, and, I guess, ambiance. Doom2 had more of an impact on me than Doom 1 - I think because my dad's computer barely ran Doom 1 and once he upgraded I started playing Doom 2 since it just came out and didn't really go back to Doom 1. 2. Total Annihilation / Spring - I love the flying debris and explosions plus the realistic-looking terrain. Plus everything is true 3D which really impressed me at the time. Now I play TA Spring since it has multiple camera views and easy-to-use commands that didn't exist in the original. I also mad maps for the original game. Oh yeah, and everything is robotic which is awesome. 3. Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun - I love the atmosphere and music of this game. If C&C 3 is anything like this then I definitely need to get that one next. I also made maps for this game, the ability to map for a game is a huge plus to me. 4. Half-Life - I made a handful of maps for this game including a super large scale version of my mom's kitchen as a deathmatch level. The player was the size of a mouse. I still have that map. 5. Quake 1 - Again, the ability to map. Outside of doom, I probably made my largest number of maps for this game. Sadly, they are all lost since they were on a computer that belonged to my family which they got rid of while I was in the service. Apparently, they never understood that what I was making was a form of art - Quake, C&C, maybe even Half-Life, all lost. They never tried to understand or care about just what I was doing with all those hours at the computer. Just because the scope of those who can enjoy that particular form of art is narrow that, it doesn't lessen that fact that it's art. I think I need a drink now. 6. Command and Conquer: Red Alert - good music, good gameplay. I believe it had a built-in editor for making skirmish maps which I used extensively. 7. Doom 3 - I love the ambiance and scare factor. 8. Dark Reign - Another RTS. I liked the futuristic aspect of it along with the music. Of course I also mapped for this plus experimented in making my own units. 9. Command and Conquer - The music kicks ass. It was also the first RTS I ever played. 10. Quake 3 - I thought it was kind of fun, plus I made maps for it.
  11. Shtbag667


    I'm actually considering moving to Seattle because of that kind of climate. I considering somewhere in Oregon or Washington and I'm sure Seattle must have a decent amount of electrical jobs. The thing is, I want to get a house in the country, not the suburbs. I could go on forever on how neighbors piss me off. I don't know if all these things are compatible but it's all just a thought right now. I currently live in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland which is borderline on the snow belt. I hate snow. I used to like it as a kid but now my primary interactions with it now are on the road. I can drive in it but I feel like I'm going to die every time I drive to work at 6:00 am where everything is dark and the roads aren't plowed and salted yet. Sometimes I get a pleasant surprise after work too.. Today it was freezing rain! My entire car caked in ice that I have to chisel off! Holy shit! Awesome! The roads weren't that bad though.
  12. Shtbag667

    Musician's Sharing Thread

    That's an interesting concept, I tried things like that but it turned out too half-assed. I starting listening to the first track and like it, I will listen to both later. I have a few MIDIs and MP3s but currently don't have a website to share them on yet. I plan on starting a personal site eventually for my various hobbies so I'll upload all my music there. In the mean time, I can email my midi collection to those interested.
  13. Shtbag667

    Your name

    When I was in the marines the term "shitbag" was used by higher-ups to identify marines that weren't following regulations verbatim (such as having a fresh haircut every week). The NCO's and below used the term in a positive way - like admitting and being proud of not following all the anal / superficial rules concerning dress code and behavior. That positive perspective is how I view the term and I created my account here during my enlistment. For some reason I left the "i" out and added 667. Maybe I was thinking the word "shit" would be filtered or something, I don't know.
  14. Shtbag667

    Any musicians here? (picture heavy)

    I just bought a Viper 100 and it's my first guitar. I didn't want to get anything too expensive for my first guitar. I like it so far but the low E string buzzes a little but that could be me not knowing how to play properly yet. I'm also thinking of getting a 15 watt Line 6 Spider IV, my brother has one and likes it.
  15. Shtbag667

    what you're notable for

    I'm notable for... never posting? I guess HTC2 and some other levels as well as miscellaneous resources like an occasional midi or texture or something.