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  1. I haven't messed around with mapping / modding too much for the last year due to a shifting of interests so if anyone is wondering about me, I'm not dead. I still map when I'm in the mood but I'm tired of old genres. Anything new relating to doom will probably be some kind of weird mod like happy time circus 2.

    My current hobby that now mostly replaces doom mapping is painting. All my paintings are currently acrylic but I may start experimenting with oil. Most of the below paintings are done on cheap canvas panel and range from 8" X 10" to 12" X 16". I've started with landscapes but am now trying to shift more towards surrealism. I don't consider myself to be a serious painter yet so I don't use a lot of canvases. Eventually I may try selling stuff but I don't possess the interpersonal skills to sell myself so that will probably be a tragedy.

    Another developing hobby of mine is electronics, mainly robotics, but I don't have anything worthy of showing off just yet. It seems at this point I have no interest in video games anymore so eventually I will probably stop mapping altogether. But for now I may still have a few more mods left in me.

    My favorite is first:

    This was based on a reference photo that was found via google image search.

    This one is nearly complete, the most recent here.

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    2. Nuxius


      Mechadon said:

      The third one from the top is awesome.


    3. Epyo


      you're good at everything

    4. Shtbag667


      Wow, thanks for the positive replies. I will continue to paint and at least try to keep modding for doom as time allows. I must admit though, I am not awesome at everything. For example, I suck at getting girls. The more emphasis I place on creating things, the less emphasis I place on social activities. Maybe that will not always be the case but for now I will indulge on my strong desire to create.

      After reading these positive responses I will try and hurry with the development of circus667.wad. After that I may release some single level wads but I must add the disclaimer that I'm buzzing like it's cool right now and I have some real life issues to address first so my actual ambitions may vary from that of my current state of mind. With that being said I will try my best not to disappoint the doom community as priorities dictate.