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  1. sandmanbrasil

    Outland Industries

    It's ok for a first map
  2. sandmanbrasil

    UAC Doom - Part 2

    I loved the last secret
  3. sandmanbrasil

    Map a Day

    i just don't like this kind of wad. You have to run to end the level and there's no weapon. We can't get 100% kills.
  4. sandmanbrasil


    it's unfair to me.
  5. sandmanbrasil

    No Demon Left Alive

    There's a chaingun in the first part of the map.
  6. sandmanbrasil

    The Mines

    Cool map for just your second. I'm sure you can do better.
  7. sandmanbrasil

    Ancient Aliens

    After A aliens, every 5 wad star wad i played loose 1 star. It's the greatest wad ever. The Gameplay is amazing; it1s very dificulty in UV and it's realy beautifull.
  8. sandmanbrasil

    Black: The Return of The Masters

    Piece of shit
  9. sandmanbrasil

    Hell Ground

    I can't understand people who gives five star in this wad....
  10. sandmanbrasil

    Killing Adventure

    That's really fun to play
  11. sandmanbrasil

    Vanished Colony

    The gameplay of the first levels are very unfair. Trere are gunners in everywere in big rooms. The hell is nice.
  12. sandmanbrasil


    That's bad...
  13. sandmanbrasil

    Back to Thunder Road

    Small and funny maps. I liked
  14. sandmanbrasil

    Terror Tomb

    The first archville, and the last barons drain all of your ammo.
  15. sandmanbrasil

    Must i reinforce this horror?

    I like strange maps; but the last room is just impossible. And i couldn't find the exit door. At the end was just awful