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  1. Greyenko

    What's your gameplay style?

    If it is one that I am not very familiar with I take it at a medium pace and be cautious with my ammo. If I am familiar with it then I set my pace according to how the enemies are, Mostly just guns blazing.
  2. Greyenko

    Evolution of the WAD - a show about Doom mapping

    Some long videos, but still some good content
  3. Greyenko

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    10- Scythe 2 9- Doom the way id did 8- Deus Vult 2 7- Sunlust 6- Hell Revealed 2 5- Plutonia 2 4- Ultimate Torment and Torture 3- DOOM:ONE 2- Scythe 1- Eternal Doom
  4. It feels really wasteful when you pick up a bunch of shells when you only need 2 more to fit the full amount. especially if ammo is very scarce for that weapon such as the BFG or plasma gun.