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  1. I think it sounds just fine. A step away from the dub-djent type shit that was in Doom 2016 (which is totally awesome) but closer to the real heavy or thrash metal that the original games' soundtracks were based on. I think it fits just fine with the classic looks of the demons and guns in Eternal as well.

  2. On 8/19/2017 at 6:04 AM, MysteriousHaruko said:

    Considering, that in my college, my group is made only from ladies and my room mates are ladies... nobody cares about doom around me. They consider that games are for guys and children and dislike idea to play games. I think, they are looking at me with "wtf, why you can't be normal person". And I don't like idea to bring Doom in that group anymore. I rather keep this hobby for myself and share my thoughts here and in doom oriented groups.

    This is why i fucking hate video games. They appeal to like, the male fantasy.

  3. On 8/14/2017 at 2:23 PM, GoatLord said:

    Hell is not a place that you teleport to instantly. It is a gradual dissolution of both the cognitive and the physical. As your concept of self spreads to everything around you, confusion and fear take hold. Everywhere one looks, an orgy of pleasure and pain emerges, the two states so intertwined as to become ambiguously described. You not only experience the simultaneous orgasms and endless suffering of each organism, but also the literality of being a pile of human shit, rotting carcasses, severed genitalia, aborted embryonic lumps, prolapsed anuses. Everything is alive, and yet is constantly dying, the consciousness of all matter being an inescapable and indefinite reality. Everything is made of everything else, with no distinction between animate and inanimate.  

    Dude... You like death metal too? What band gave you this image?

    >inb4 Cannibal corpse

  4. I imagine it as a neverending bad dream. Think of all the ways that your own mind has been able to fuck with you. That but forever and with infinitely new and insidious ways to destroy what is left of your mental health.


    Every day is a new way to be punished with visions of death and failure, maybe you'll see your girlfriend that hell convinced you was dead years(what even is time to a hell-resident?) ago, only to have her scream in pain and die as you embrace her, and you're left holding her entrails and skull, bits of her beautiful auburn hair stuck to your skin with her guts adorning the concrete as onlookers gasp and a new horror comes around the corner as you "wake up" only to have this next chapter more horrific than the last that you just "awoke" from.


    It's a distorted, nonsensical land like the one YukiHerz described, but tailored to you. You're all alone in it, for interaction would offer some solace. It breaks you in new imaginative ways every single 'day" with methods and events that you have basically come up with for yourself.


    Nobody else's worst nightmares are enough for you. You make your own. Hell is different for everyone. For some it includes monsters and demons chasing and prodding them forever, for others it involves the repeated loss and torture of loved ones or their own body, and for others it might be something worse than all of them. Maybe they force you to watch the slow destruction of a puppy and a little girl at the same time only for them to be fused into one ungodly hellspawn that you're forced to live with throughout the rest of your punishments, and then once you start to like it it is brutally murdered in front of you.


    Anyway, that's my thoughts on what hell is. Well, actually, I don't believe in hell. I'm an asatruar; but I do write death metal lyrics, so this kind of imagination is good(?)




    (P.S.) Maybe hell is just hanging out with this dude and it's not even all that bad. God has a much higher kill-count than Satan after all. Ever hear of Satan's wrath flooding and killing millions?


  5. I got my friends into it by playing deathmatches at school on schoolwide LAN while everyone had freetime in their different classes. eventually more people got wind of it and we had to shut it down, but now I have like five friends that are into doom with me, and even a few jock-types that are into it now that won't admit it to anyone at school but they'll get fragged to hell every friday and saturday night.


    Moral of my story: Force your friends to like it.

  6. It's said that the titans were the most powerful demons in hell way back in the day in DOOM4, and hinted that the cyberdemon is one of them but with heavy modifications, so does anyone know where there is more information to be found on those titans? It sounds pretty awesome to me and I'd like to know where more lore is on them.

    pic related


  7. Being here after the release of DOOM '16 and playing the 'hell' out of it, I can say I like the way they used to cyberdemon in this new release. He was a big scary tank kept in a holding cell at the tail end of your romp through the forces of satan, and after you kill him there's these fast, impossibly armored, cunning and clever little mech-like bastards that you have to fight before the final destructive beast herself, Olivia Pierce and the Spider-Mastermind.


    I think it paid off for itself well.