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  1. BlackMetalChainsaw

    RELAX (Chillax 2) Updates thread

    To anyone reading this topic, I will let everyone know wether I was involved or not before. I am no longer affiliated with this project or it's contributors in any way. I withdrew my resources and maps from this project months ago. In case anyone was previously confused about me being a part of this. I am not. And haven't been for more than 6 months. Therefore. My work is not a part of this was project, in any way.
  2. BlackMetalChainsaw

    There will be more Chillax, but not plagiarized.

    For anyone reading this topic now. I am not affiliated with this project for months now. I have withdrew my maps and my resources from the project. Please do not affiliate me with this.
  3. BlackMetalChainsaw

    Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    An update on one of the most recent maps;
  4. map031.png

    1. dew



    2. Rem



    3. BlackMetalChainsaw


      @dew this was my original plan. I started making this a WHILE ago and I started working on it again and I agree with your statement. 

  5. BlackMetalChainsaw

    What do you listen to when you're playing Doom?

    I have two different playlists depending on what I am playing. I usually listen to dark synth when I am mapping and playing brutal doom BUT every once in a while I will blast some death and black metal. They don't call me "black metal" chainsaw for nothing lol.
  6. I have a variety of different stuff that I listen to while I play Doom. While I really enjoy the classic sounds of Doom.. there are some things that just fit perfectly with a certain mod or mapset. Show me some cool stuff and tell me what you wad/ mod combinations you play with your music selection. (screenshots would be awesome too)
  7. BlackMetalChainsaw

    Post a picture of yourself!

    trve kvlt
  8. BlackMetalChainsaw

    Post a picture of yourself!

    "real tired of your shit chaingunner"
  9. BlackMetalChainsaw

    Black Room (Doom 2 map, /idgames)

    Looks fantastic. I like the idea and I remember the good ol days with brutal dark
  10. TSPG is making a new project called The Sentinels Lexicon. This project is awesome. You can pop into the game and choose from a selection of megawads (including some slaughtermaps) and just play all night. It is great for multiplayer and we are currently testing this and they are working on this as we speak.

    Server is hosted on TSPG by K0RP53:

    [TSPG] Painkiller: {K0RP53} CD: Lexicon >>1 Life - No Health / Armor Respawn<<


    Join us sometime and check this out, its a blast



  11. BlackMetalChainsaw

    Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    There are some updates with this: The gameplay mod is also in effect now. Guest maps and submissions now feature Sergeant_Mark_IV, The Zombie, and Bloodhaeven.
  12. BlackMetalChainsaw

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Still on my personal project, now the mod is falling into place as well as the maps