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  1. Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw


    1. CaptainManiac


      For a music based theme this is a horror athmosphere

  3. Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    I don't mind other people using the textures once it is released. I will admit that I am a bit weary of this because I have spent a lot of time making something for someone else's project and they didn't credit my work and to this day no one knows that it was mine. I think that I may wait until a release for that. Thank you for all of your support.
  4. Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    I wish that I could. :'(
  5. Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    I am working as quickly as I can. I am trying to make the levels as abstract as I can honestly. The concepts come are in my dreams and stuff like that. It takes a little while to get the maps looking the way that they do in my mind. Doombuilder isn't always easy to work with in that respect. lol
  6. Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    I am stuck between Doomwave and Synthdoom. I like them both lol I asked James Kent (Perturbator) if I could use his music and he told me that he loves classic doom and is really excited about it
  7. Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    I have been working on some synthwave looking maps for a while. They are leading to the solo megawad project for the final release. I wanted to share some of my screenshots and videos of it. I have been having a lot of support for this and have been receiving a lot of hype for this even though I have only a few finished maps. I really appreciate this! I am working as fast as I can on these because I ,too, want to release them for your enjoyment. A lot of the concepts for these maps come from dreams and feelings. I am making maps based off of different music tracks. The maps will be hauntingly beautiful with some blade runner, deus ex and 80s aesthetics. Most of the textures for this megawad are completely custom. These maps will fit perfectly with the awesome sounds of Perturbator, who has given me permission to use his music as a soundtrack. Here is the most recent update for this map set. I will keep you all updated on its progress and what not. Thank you so much and enjoy. ~ Black Metal Chainsaw Here are some videos that you can watch of me making them or playing them; And here are some stills from the other maps that I am working on;
  8. synthdoom progress



  9. SPACE ギハ者


  10. I found an image online and made it into a map.



  11. Any Doom Vaporwave Wads?

    I am currently working on like 5 projects so it has been taking some time to really get these maps finished. I love making them though my mapping style is really abstract and it takes me a while to get the ideas that I have to look the way they need to in doombuilder.
  12. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Here are some screenshots of the maps that I am currently working on
  13. Any Doom Vaporwave Wads?

  14. Any Doom Vaporwave Wads?

    Working on this map ^ and this one.
  15. Any Doom Vaporwave Wads?