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Status Updates posted by BlackMetalChainsaw

  1. After a long break from mapping due to school stuff. I have completed my gift for HDRambo.

    Black Metal Death Match is an interactive 6 map death match map set with tricks and traps in mind. There are more ways to kill your enemies now than ever...

    The maps were solely by myself, some of the textures are made by myself as well.

    (Other texture and sprite credits are in the credits section of the pk3 file for reference)


    The music in the map pack was written, recorded, and performed by Doc. All original and solely made for this project. The intermission screens, graphics, and logo all made from scratch by myself.

    The map project is strictly for online use as it is a death match map set and is a TSPG exclusive.

    The official server hosting the maps is:

    [TSPG] BMC's Black Metal Death Match


    It is public, tested, and ready for fragging. The file will automatically download upon joining the server and is located on the TSPG website for download.

    The maps are listed as: DM01 - DM06.

    Make sure to use OpenGL when playing this map pack. The server is hosted with Brutal Doom though it is vanilla and compatible with other mods.


    Happy fragging!



  2. map031.png

    1. dew



    2. DeathevokatioN
    3. BlackMetalChainsaw


      @dew this was my original plan. I started making this a WHILE ago and I started working on it again and I agree with your statement. 

  3. TSPG is making a new project called The Sentinels Lexicon. This project is awesome. You can pop into the game and choose from a selection of megawads (including some slaughtermaps) and just play all night. It is great for multiplayer and we are currently testing this and they are working on this as we speak.

    Server is hosted on TSPG by K0RP53:

    [TSPG] Painkiller: {K0RP53} CD: Lexicon >>1 Life - No Health / Armor Respawn<<


    Join us sometime and check this out, its a blast



  4. map 3



    1. dew


      I'm into synthwave, and I really want you to succeed. The "Miami future-retro-hippie spa resort" look is delightful. Even if you populate that with random imps and HKs as the cliché "takeover staff", that can be worked with and incrementaly improved into something really charming. Good job, keep it up!


      However, the first screenshot of this post is ugly. Like, I'm bad at colours, but that brown/blue combo rubs me the wrong way. Even in the neon world of synthwave, those browns look too garish and the blue shine is too much for suspension of disbelief. I would tone the saturation waaaay down.


      Also I've seen this video and while I understand you were focused on some of the pretty zdoom tricks, it looks absolutely dire to play. It screams "I'm synthwave!" at you right at the beginning, and then you fight spectres in narrow tunnels. There should be more to seel the premise! I was thinking how cooler it'd be if the map started dark and traditionally drab... but as you explore the sewers, it turns more and more pink, plus there are those little reverted crosses and they light up as you find them. And @rdwpa had the idea that the map would start as an empty/scarcely populate atmospheric piece where it's teasing and little but not hard shocks & spooks... only until the final boss, maybe a deh vile or whatever, gets unleashed and chases you around the sewer tunnels.


      Of course you can always release your project as is, no one to stop you there.


      Anyway, good luck.

    2. BlackMetalChainsaw


      @dew I really appreciate your feedback. The map in the first screenshot was made a year ago (it is outdated) and I actually agree with you about the color scheme. I have actually fixed this color to have more contrast as it takes place on the surface of mars. It is actually themed, which that theme will be released later.

      A lot of the maps will be really dark. It is meant to be hauntingly beautiful and the maps are made around Perturbator songs. There are also new additions to the team and a gameplay mod is now in progress as well as the map set.

  5. Now to add the correct sky box.


  6. This marks the finish of Map 8 of Synthdoom.



  7. I am really enjoying how this room is turning out


    1. CaptainManiac
    2. Catpho


      Its a bit too symmetrical? Hopefully there will be some good gameplay in that room in spite of its relative small size and aforementioned symmetry. Plus those textures and that theme is totally radical :)

    3. BlackMetalChainsaw
  8. Here is the update on the map from yesterday. Added in some cool lighting effects and monsters.



  9. I had to start doing this map over again because I had mistakenly overwritten it before. Though this room is so much better this time around than the first.

    MAP10 at 2018.04.05 11-28-26.856 [R3009].jpg

    MAP10 at 2018.04.05 11-28-35.409 [R3009].jpg

    1. CaptainManiac


      Softly said it is perfect

    2. BlackMetalChainsaw


      thank you! posting updates now


    3. CaptainManiac


      I will make a thread for my mod in WADS and mods and will try to also attach not only publish(i fear that it won't be published and will be considered bogus)


  10. This is the perfect map




    1. CaptainManiac
    2. nervewar


      Coooool >:)

    3. Ichor


      If Fortress of Mystery was done today.


    1. CaptainManiac


      For a music based theme this is a horror athmosphere

    2. BlackMetalChainsaw
  12. SPACE ギハ者


  13. I found an image online and made it into a map.



  14. a e s t h e t i x




    1. krisrh21


      Now that's cool! I definitely gotta try this map.

  15. Going to test my ability to make base maps. We shall see.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Memfis


      ye get rid of that step please!

    3. Chris Moyer

      Chris Moyer

      Leave the step in there. You do you :)

    4. leodoom85


      Another thing that can work is to add another sector as a decoration, like a UAC logo above the door and add some seams at the sides of the door.

      And that step texture is weird and out of place, I'm afraid.

  16. I have been working on this map for a little while. I wanted to stick to a theme of red and black. It's a castle with many courtyards, traps and a dungeon maze. This will be another map for the RELAX project by UACDS.




  17. Built this map for Vandaemon for her birthday <3

    zandronum 2017-12-03 15-31-18-11.png

    zandronum 2017-12-03 15-32-48-72.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Doomkid


      Is there somewhere to play your maps? Love every screenshot I've seen on your page!

    3. BlackMetalChainsaw


      I released this map to her since it was a gift, though I haven't officially released any of these maps yet. 

    4. BlackMetalChainsaw


      I really appreciate your compliments and support. Believe me, I am eager to release them too!

  18. Only one more room to make before this one is finished. The final battle has over 500 enemies.

    SMAP04 at 2017.11.24 20-33-51.908 [R2992].jpg

  19. a e s t h e t i c


    1. Doomkid


      What exactly is this going to be, a single player map? It looks badass, very clean style