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  1. Working on some maps for my teams collab. @UACDS 


    SMAP02 at 2017.05.13 22-33-37.516 [R2978].jpg

    SMAP04 at 2017.05.29 21-30-31.646 [R2979].jpg

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    2. BlackMetalChainsaw


      I know the feeling. These maps that I am working on are slaughter maps so they won't work with Brutal Doom very well. But, they are supposed to be played with really overpowered weapons mods like Russian Overkill or EWEPS,


      Thank you :)

    3. CaptainManiac


      NP.At the same time I am working on my WAD which is called Massacre in Helm City and is about mass urban slaughter

    4. BlackMetalChainsaw


      Dude that sounds fucking COOL