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  1. map 3



    1. Voltcom


      That looks great. I really like the blue glowing stairs!

    2. dew


      I'm into synthwave, and I really want you to succeed. The "Miami future-retro-hippie spa resort" look is delightful. Even if you populate that with random imps and HKs as the cliché "takeover staff", that can be worked with and incrementaly improved into something really charming. Good job, keep it up!


      However, the first screenshot of this post is ugly. Like, I'm bad at colours, but that brown/blue combo rubs me the wrong way. Even in the neon world of synthwave, those browns look too garish and the blue shine is too much for suspension of disbelief. I would tone the saturation waaaay down.


      Also I've seen this video and while I understand you were focused on some of the pretty zdoom tricks, it looks absolutely dire to play. It screams "I'm synthwave!" at you right at the beginning, and then you fight spectres in narrow tunnels. There should be more to seel the premise! I was thinking how cooler it'd be if the map started dark and traditionally drab... but as you explore the sewers, it turns more and more pink, plus there are those little reverted crosses and they light up as you find them. And @rdwpa had the idea that the map would start as an empty/scarcely populate atmospheric piece where it's teasing and little but not hard shocks & spooks... only until the final boss, maybe a deh vile or whatever, gets unleashed and chases you around the sewer tunnels.


      Of course you can always release your project as is, no one to stop you there.


      Anyway, good luck.

    3. BlackMetalChainsaw


      @dew I really appreciate your feedback. The map in the first screenshot was made a year ago (it is outdated) and I actually agree with you about the color scheme. I have actually fixed this color to have more contrast as it takes place on the surface of mars. It is actually themed, which that theme will be released later.

      A lot of the maps will be really dark. It is meant to be hauntingly beautiful and the maps are made around Perturbator songs. There are also new additions to the team and a gameplay mod is now in progress as well as the map set.