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  1. OMG, congratulations guys! (This is the best doom movie ever i saw)
  2. [CZ]mr.twister

    DooM Music in Czech Television

    It´s not a fake!
  3. [CZ]mr.twister

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Call me Twister:)
  4. [CZ]mr.twister

    doom contests

    This is the invitation to the last contest of 3rd season IDOOM Speed Trophy. Wad is ready to competition and I hope you take part in... http://contest.idoom.cz/index-en.php
  5. [CZ]mr.twister

    doom contests

    Today's contest starts in 20 minutes, gl to all:)
  6. [CZ]mr.twister

    doom contests

    5 minutes guys:) http://www.contest.idoom.cz/img/hh.png
  7. [CZ]mr.twister

    Doom in Europe

    CZ here:)
  8. [CZ]mr.twister

    doom contests

    I am really sorry guys, this contest was "quicklymaking", because of time. So there isnt better interpretation of the actual task:/
  9. [CZ]mr.twister

    doom contests

    Season 2 is over, final ranking: Flash contest: 1. Twister - 29 pts 2. Draza - 25 pts 3. psichotik - 22 pts Weekly contest: 1. Twister - 37 pts 2. hokis - 27 pts 3. dew - 25 pts
  10. [CZ]mr.twister

    doom contests

    Hello, today's contest start in 15 minutes, check http://contest.idoom.cz/index-en.php Good luck to all! :)
  11. [CZ]mr.twister

    doom contests

    all fixed:) thx to report
  12. [CZ]mr.twister

    doom contests

    ok dew finish the work on english version of doom contest, check it out
  13. [CZ]mr.twister

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    it´s my favorite Doomers picture from Confusion Doom party 2005
  14. [CZ]mr.twister

    doom contests

    Hello, today's contest start in 15 minutes, check http://www.contest.idoom.cz/ Good luck to all! :)
  15. [CZ]mr.twister

    doom contests

    Gusta: I apologize