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  1. KairoDude

    What if there was a flamethrower?

    I feel like the plasma gun is very close to a flamethrower because it sprays out a bunch of plasma really quickly and kills most demons quickly aswell, but the idea of a flamethrower in game is really cool and I think I might try to put an idea like that into a future WAD I make or something like that
  2. KairoDude

    Doom 2016 already marked down to $40 on Amazon

    Ohh okay sorry I thought it was a Doom thing I thought I saw something like that for Doom 3 but can I ask a question? I have one but I can't find a thread on it and I don't want to post one that already exists and make some admins angry
  3. KairoDude

    Doom 2016 already marked down to $40 on Amazon

    May I ask what the construction kit is? I'm sorry I don't know much about missing Doom and making WADs
  4. KairoDude

    Doom 2016 already marked down to $40 on Amazon

    Okay so first I'm going to say this is my first post on the forums so I don't know if it's bad to reply to posts so quickly or something but hi, I would like to say my piece Doom (2016) met my expectations, in fact I've replayed it about twice already and I don't see how it would have the price lowered already, I mean, I guess I should have seen it coming because of how the multiplayer and snap map don't really make much sense to me. (That's probably just me) I guess I can say the CAMPAIGN met my expectations but my expectations for SnapMap were VERY high, like seriously I was expecting some Doom Builder level shit.