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  1. Santos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

    MAP 20 MISRI HALEK. I think this map is a master piece, good way to finish the borring space episode of this megawad (okay not so borring but it is i like the least of the 3 episodes of this wad). The first time i play this wad i found it amazing, i coulndt stop playing the map, everything is well combined, the archiqueture and lighting details are perfect, if u need to learn how make detailed map, this is your model to follow. But... The bad thing is that u cant play this map above 3 times in your life, its to big the map and confuse, and it took me a lot of time, u can be playing this map 1 hour at least! To playing this time the map20 i needed brutaldoom(actually this map is great with this mod!) but i cant lose another one and half hour playing Misri Halek. 4,5/5 stars.
  2. Santos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

    MAP11 NEMESIS The final part of the first part of Alien Vendetta. A great master piece. In my opinión this is 1 of the best maps of AV. The maps details are great, have a good architecture and the midi fits perfectly. But the gameplay is fun until red key. The blue key part is almost borring and confuse, i have to confess that i got lost many times in that part and the ending is like a faster ending to finish the map fast. I give it... 4/5 Stars And here a video of one of my favorite part, the yellow key área. CYBERDEMON VS SPIDERMASTERMIND epic show sine missione.
  3. Santos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

    MAP10 Toxic touch In the second part of the map, i really like this one, the map details are very good, the gameplay nothing extraordinary but its fun and the midi have some effect that it never ends. But the bad thing of this map is the lineal map that consume you the most part of the time, it could be better. The hard thing of this map is the lack of armor, i like this againts ever monster except the chaingunners or shutguns, jesus they hurt you a lot. 100% kills 50% secrets above 10minutes of play. 3,5/5 stars
  4. Santos


    It is GZDoom builder much better tan Doom builder 2? I recently had a problema with GZDoom builder and i cant use that, the problema says that i need directX 9.0 to use it, but i have directX 12 so i dont understand the thing, but well im thinking about change and use doom builder 2, but first i need to know if GZDoom is really really good or i can use from now doom builder and make the finest maps
  5. Santos

    How much of a 'Doom Master' are you?

    What are the points to consider about being a doom master? playing doom2 in UV? playing brutal doom in UV? kicking asses in deatmach??? make good maps? being a senior member in this page? WHAT???
  6. Santos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

    im 100% agree with that, this is the second castle map that appears in AV and it doesnt have anything special. But my favorite part is the room where the blue key is in and the midi fits. I give 2,5/5 stars, the map desing is not bad and have good lighting game.
  7. Santos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

    MAP08 Beast Island Here we found the first medieval atmosphere map of AV I really like this map, the gameplay its not so fun but the music and the environment kept you in the level. Dont forget that we are talking about an ancient wad, so if you play this years ago u may were amazed. The fortress or castle and the cyberdemon fight are the good thing here. I approve this 4/5 stars
  8. Santos

    Things that bother you about Doom

    The plasma gun noise. When you shoot nothing else exist, only that Sharp sound i cant even hear when im killing, i like to hear the sound of my victims. I dont hate icon of sin, but it would be better having another final boss. TNT and plutonia should have.
  9. Santos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

    map07: Well this is one of the easiest levels of this wad and simple. I like of this map only the begining, the mancubus part is fun and hard but i think outside with the arachnos is easy and so simple, its like kill spiders in a lineal way, but i think that a wad need to have some easy map. Until now, the easiest maps are 01, 05, 07 3/5 stars Other thing to consider is that it is a good thing that so many mappers based his maps in Dead Simple, one of the betters map of Doom IWADs. "kings never die" i have ear, well, good maps neither. Dead Simple 4ever. Here another attemp of video Showdown UV MAX 3:46 min
  10. How much time i have to send you map32? This proyect looks awesome
  11. Santos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

    Maps 05-06 Well im goin to resume the firsts 6 maps Im just gonna say that my favorite of these is Map 05, is short, fun, good music and well done. And it is based in "Neurosphere" of Plutonia, so any map well done inspired in plutonia have my favouritism But the first i play these maps i liked much MAP 06. Cyberdemon appears and in a good and hard position to kill. Here my video playing map05 100% kills in 4:18 min. Please any advice is well received or any tips to increase the quality of the video, now im using OBS
  12. Santos

    Doom 1 or 2?

    i have to say, it is a hard decision, but i prefer doom II, have more maps, more monsters, more guns and the monsters teleportation, and the maps are harder. But Doom I have better soundtrack and the final bosses stages are greats. In Doom II u dont fight one on one with cyberdemon or spidermastermind and that is a great disadvantage. So i dont like criticize Doom but to answer this question i must see this points objectively.
  13. Santos

    A Proper Doom Movie

    i think that we should see some points before to choose how to make the movie. For example, the first thing to consider is the kind of movie, if it would be of terror, or action, or both (for example). The second thing to consider is the extensión of the movie. A really good movie of doom needs a second part at least and it cant have less that 2 hours for movie. If someone its gonna make a movie of the 90´s doom, it would need some drama and maximize the history. And my last point is that considering this its gonna be more easy make a movie about doom 2016. This is for the momento.
  14. Santos

    Am I the only one that likes the Doom movie?

    i didnt like that the movie was about doom3 but like a good fan of doom i enjoy everything about doom, and the FPS was great, if i get millionaire i swear i would make a doom movie advised by the people of this forum
  15. Santos


    Hello, im new in this page and i used to play doom years ago, but now the vice came to me again, and with a lot of new stuffs im a Little lost, where is the place where u pple share ur youtube´s videos and if you have some group of best players or map builders and what are now the best source port to play. That is for now Thanks for ur attention, im glad to found this.
  16. Santos


    Hey im new in this too,i have recently started to play and make videos, this is my first attemp. Now im learning about editing maps but i still follow making videos.
  17. Santos

    Darkmoon [New maps added!]

    i would like to test the maps, nice proyect, i can test it with GZDoom right?
  18. Santos

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    For this video i used fraps. By the way how can i post the link video showing the picture like the others do?
  19. Santos

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Here a video of me playing cyberden in brutal doom, any advice of how making it with a better definition? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI585mnT14E
  20. Santos

    Your opinion on these laptops for Doom Gaming

    I have an HP and i cant play very big maps in brutal doom without lag,so i dont reconmend it to you. By the way its good to know that when this shit die i should buy a lenovo ( i cant have a desktop).
  21. Santos


    Okay thanks you people, im going to catch up with GZDoom for renew my playing. About building maps i have understand that doom builder and doom builder2 are the best map edit right? I just hope not have problems with lag