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  1. Jazz Jackrabbit now available on GOG

    ^ I can't answer that, but I do believe there is a source port for the second game. (There's probably one for the first too) EDIT: What I thought were source ports, were actually multiplayer clients. Not sure if they are clients and source ports like Zandronum, or are just a way to find servers. (I probably used "client" in the wrong context, so sorry about that)
  2. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been playing The Binding of Isaac Rebirth lately, and lets just say I'm not the best I suck. I'm only "good" with a character that I think others would deem "overpowered" and without using that said character I've only been able to beat the final Mom fight using the bible (It instantly kills her). But besides all that it's a fun game if you can get good items. Besides that I've been playing Don't Starve Together (and Don't Starve) because of the "Forge" event that's going on until December 4th. (and because of the beta for the Shipwrecked DLC)
  3. Jazz Jackrabbit now available on GOG

    Thanks for you're input, chances are I'll only get the second game as of now then. Rewatched some of the first game to see how zoomed in it was, and boy you were right, it's way too zoomed in. It makes me wonder what the reason for it being so zoomed in was.
  4. Post some of your computer horror/scare stories

    I was a stupid kid, and accidentally downloaded ransomware. There wasn't anything important on said computer, but it taught me not to click on the ads that attempt to look like "Download" buttons. (You know what I'm talking about, they're usually on websites that have game mods on 'em, etc.)
  5. Jazz Jackrabbit now available on GOG

    I've seen a review or two of the game and it looks interesting, but decided not to buy it at the time of watching those reviews because of it's price. Now that it's available on GOG, I'll probably pick it up, but I'll ask for some opinions about the game itself. Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it (and it's sequel) for GOG's price of about $20 (USD)?
  6. What would you say is your real life S.P.E.C.I.A.L?

    S - 5 -- I'd say I'm average. P - sometimes a 3, other times an 8 -- Sometimes I can't see something that's right in front of me, other times I can notice that somebody is 1/2 an inch of somebody's foot is out of cover so I can shoot them. E- 3 -- I have asthma, but could probably get better endurance if I tried. C- 6 -- Slightly more convincing than your average walrus bear human. I- 7 -- "A jack of all trades, but a master of nothing." Best description of me according to myself, while others think I'm the next Enstein. (I'm not) A- Anything above 5 -- I'm relatively fast, I'd say I have quick reflexes, relatively flexible (if flexibility fits in this category too) L- Sometimes a 1, other times a 10 -- Life's got a sense of humor, I have bad luck when it's funny in the current situation, same goes for when I have good luck.
  7. (Re-opened post) BFG-9000 VS Raygun

    The average health of COD enemies would be "difficult" to calculate, considering the the health of the enemies increase after each round/wave, because of this the Ray Gun becomes progressively less useful (Ray Gun also has the ability to hurt the user with splash damage). Ex. Ray Gun can kill a zombie on round 5 in one shot, while it takes 4 or so on round 20 (Not actual amount, I'm lazy) In my opinion the BFG is better due to the enemies in DOOM having constant heath, the BFG will usually be able to take down enemies with about the same amount of shots each time. A better question may be is the BFG better than something like the Thunder Gun or Wonder Waffe, both can instantly kill the regular zombies, each with their own quirks. The Thunder Gun has an extremely small range, only has 2 shots per magazine, low reserve of ammo, can only reload when mag is empty, etc. The Wonder Waffe can chain lightning to zombies nearby the zombie you shoot, and more that I'm too lazy to state. (Sorry that this post is probably a mess, I'll probably clean it up if this thread gets some more discussion)
  8. Why You Chose The Username You Did

    It was the first thing that came to my head when I made an account. Average: No real reason Walrus: My favorite animal 24 23.9: 24 was an inside joke, so I took .1 away from that number to make my own inside joke.
  9. The SNES Classic

    I remember seeing somewhere that this was/is a problem on the NES classic as well, he noticed it when he was playing Punch Out or something like that.
  10. Annual Kama Sutra 2 begging thread

    That would be Mordeth episode 2 I believe.
  11. What's your opinion about the Doom games?

  12. What's your opinion about the Doom games?

    I agree with all of what ImpMan said except for the AI being less intelligent.
  13. What's your opinion about the Doom games?

    I think a moderator has to do it. (But knowing my luck the thread starter can too) As for what I think about DOOM games, I like all of them. DOOM>DOOM 64>DOOM 2=DOOM 2016=DOOM 3 (I really don't have any problems with these games, so it's hard for me to order them)
  14. Is the BFG overrated?

    IMO, the BFG's charge up time leaves you just as the SSG's reload time does, so I don't mind it. (I know the times are probably different but still...)