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  1. 5hfifty

    Drawings made into maps

    I'm glad we waited till now before that map was made heh. The new map plays awesomely, Leon did an awesome job. PLAY IT
  2. 5hfifty

    The /newstuff Chronicles #406

    oh my, i saw the third screenshot for invasion of the damned and was like "hang on a minute!!" Thanks for credit, and I love what you did for the secret exit :) man that was a huge flashback, haha nice wad and review
  3. 5hfifty

    Whispers of Satan RELEASED!

  4. 5hfifty

    Silly Colormap Hacks (updated)

    wow, this is really cool.. you could make a level centered around this idea with the right design, it really is like you have a torch (FLASHLIGHT) in some places awesome, thanks a lot! :D
  5. 5hfifty

    Need gloomy skies for skyboxes

    Are you using ZDoom? Here's one I found and converted to the Doom palette, this is from the wad itself so it should just plug straight in http://i356.photobucket.com/albums/oo1/5hfifty/CLOUD_TE.png Here it is in Doom http://i356.photobucket.com/albums/oo1/5hfifty/Screenshot_Doom_20090902_145459.png ..not showing away honest B) Hope that helps. it's hard to get very smooth gradients in doom but this is the best stormy cloud texture I've found
  6. Ah the sky texture phase.. Good luck
  7. 5hfifty

    Before the Rage

    Reminds me of Out of This World mixed with Fallout 3. Interesting but means nothing without gameplay footage
  8. 5hfifty

    1994 tune-up challenge (*updated /idgames link*)

    Wow I remembered my password heh http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=423 I'd like to do this map if that's ok, this is the kind of project I love. :D
  9. 5hfifty

    The /newstuff Chronicles #307

    I got sick of this thread 30% in so i closed IE But it's well designed
  10. rainyworld > actionworld
  11. 5hfifty

    Simplicity Cancelled

    doom the animated series is cancelled
  12. 5hfifty

    Don't like the monster

    I hate the Doom marine.
  13. 5hfifty

    Doom Is 11

    wtf your still talking about doom its like 11 year old
  14. 5hfifty

    Best color coordination in WADs?

    I like RTC's colours.