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  1. Massao

    The /newstuff Chronicles #520

    Hey thank for review i not very active in doomworld forum sorry if i come late, i will try to improve in map!
  2. Massao


    One of daniels best wad, awesome design great soundtrack still very good to play today this mod deserves a 5/5. Daniel released his last wad a sequel to neodoom called final-neodoom, You can download it here http://musica.ufma.b r/prof/trab/p_dan/mo ds/
  3. Massao

    Space Communications

    Well made level even for the author's age, a bit quake 2 styled and creative a bit to short tough, Ok enemy placement 4/5
  4. Massao

    Grey: The Fault of The Masters

    Very low effort try to put more effort in your level designs, and read john romaro map spec! 2/5
  5. Massao

    Blood Tunnels

    Not bad too you should try putting more effort, andtake a look at john romeros map specs!
  6. Massao

    The Rooms

    Hey not bad you will get better, keep praticing!
  7. Massao


    Nice skin!
  8. Massao

    Worms Doom.

    Very funny indeed, I am going to make a skin!
  9. Massao

    Industrial Warfare

    Great map. Nice detail, balanced gameplay well placed enemies and overall chanllenging, Good work 5/5.
  10. Massao

    125 Skins

    Good work 5/5
  11. Massao

    Duke Nukem

    Kick ass! 5/5
  12. Massao

    OBLIGE 7.50 released!

    Wow awesome work! keep it up!
  13. Massao

    Do you play with classic status bar?

    I like to play without classic status bar in zdoom!
  14. Massao

    Fort Doom

    Hey not bad map man, Very chanlenging with average monster placement. the archvile trap was very good! i liked the detail, Good work!
  15. Massao

    Alpha Accident: Terra Nova

    Awesome wad!